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Improve your in-store presentation with free sales tools from GN Diamond

Welcome shoppers back to your store with personalized customer experience

As pandemic restrictions are eased, independent jewelers are seeing eager shoppers return to their stores. While social distancing prevents sales teams from going completely back to “normal,” they can once again take advantage of their most powerful sales tool: the in-person presentation.

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How jewelry store owners handle this current transition will leave a lasting impression on new and repeat customers alike. It’s important to be attentive and helpful and deliver an engaging and interactive presentation. At the same time, you need to show customers you care by maintaining a pristine showroom and friendly physical distance.

The key to a successful reopening is to remember that the individuals entering your store have been changed by the pandemic in ways big and small. Welcome them back thoughtfully and tailor your presentations to their new realities.

Embrace Digital Tools for Safe In-Store Sales

Over the last several months, some customers had to celebrate life milestones under quarantine. Others have been planning for future events in the midst of great uncertainty. Some customers have deepened their online relationship with your brand after receiving your emails or following you on social media. Others did not engage with you digitally, but used the time to research diamonds online so they could be prepared to buy. Either way, shoppers are rushing back to stores for all the benefits of buying offline: a personalized experience, expert guidance and confidence in their purchase.

“To meet - and dazzle - customers where they’re at, use digital sales presentation tools that preserve social distance while offering a compelling, multi-sensory in-person experience,” says Asaf Herskovitz, CEO of GN Diamond. Diamond Hunt, GN Diamond’s online loose diamond database that clients can browse in-store, is designed to empower your sales team to do just that.

Diamond Hunt can be customized to your branding and markups, and seamlessly integrated with your website. And it goes far beyond any online diamond buying experience, allowing shoppers to see each diamond’s singular characteristics in up-close, interactive detail.

  • Demonstrate light performance. Easily explain the cost differences of individual stones by showcasing their brilliancy and brightness. Diamond Hunt provides third-party grading to compare the often subtle differences between diamonds.
  • Access V360 videos. Diamond Hunt replaces the frustrating loupe and tweezers approach with a 360 degree view of each loose diamond, displaying its natural features with utmost clarity.
  • Give added value with Gemprint. Gemprint records the unique “fingerprint” of each diamond and is recognized by most insurance companies.

Diamond Hunt is Free and Easy to Use

All of the tools created by GN Diamond, including the Diamond Hunt digital sales presentation platform, are offered for free to help you accelerate sales and nurture repeat clients. The platform is easy to learn and use and GN Diamond provides ongoing training and support so you can take full advantage of every feature.

Visit www.gndiamond.com or call 800-724-8810 to learn how to gain an in-store sales tool with a virtual listing of over $70 million in loose diamonds with your customized markups. GN’s sales representatives are available 7 days a week at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..