Last updateWed, 08 Jul 2020 1pm

Gems One launches website platform designed to sell jewelry online

Gems One Trading has announced the launch of GO Express, a sales focused mini-website designed to augment its customers’ existing websites with a proven system, allowing them to successfully sell jewelry online with direct to consumer fulfillment within 24 hours.

According to George Prout, Chief Marketing Officer for Gems One: “Shortly after the Pandemic started, we recognized a critical need for our customers to have access to an internet jewelry sales portal. In the short term, the unfortunate reality is that after the virus wreaks havoc in the Southern hemisphere during our summer months, it may return, forcing state governments to once again shut down non-essential businesses.

Gems One

“It’s one thing to lose the ability to sell in March and April, months that typically represent 5-6 percent of our customers’ sales. It’s quite another to lose December, representing as much as 25 percent. In our view, the GO Express platform represents an insurance policy, ensuring that our customers can still actually make sales during the most important part of the year, with the jewelry going directly to consumers’ homes.”

Prout continues: “But beyond the short-term application as insurance against the return of COVID, we also see a longer-term application that’s also extremely important. Industry data suggests that internet jewelry sales currently represent about twelve percent of total annual sales, and are growing at a rate in excess of one percent per year, yet the vast majority of independent jewelers are doing less than ½ of a percent of their sales online. GO Express can remedy this, by incorporating best practices into the sales model. Elements like free shipping, hassle free returns, and shipment directly to the consumer’s home are the hallmark of every successful internet retailer, so we should not be surprised that jewelers’ existing websites - that don’t typically include these elements - generally don’t make sales.

“GO Express can be the game changer our customers need to elevate their internet sales to current market share levels, and we suspect that their brand cachet in their local markets may allow them to reach the 12 percent figure fairly rapidly.”

In order to provide ongoing support from someone who understands internet jewelry retail, Gems One has tapped Bob Mullen, a fifth generation jeweler who’s currently generating over 20 percent of his family’s jewelry store sales online, as General Manager of the GO Express project.

Mullen states: “We see a fantastic opportunity to help Gems One’s customers grow their online sales, and I’m excited to be part of that process. We recognize that the vast majority of store owners already have too much on their plates, so we’re setting up GO Express so that we will do all the work. Best of all, there’s no set up fee, no long-term contract, and each retailer will control their own GO Express shopping cart. In fact, there is no contract at all. If a retailer isn’t seeing value in our service, they can stop at any time. We intend to produce a significant revenue stream for every participant, without distracting them from running their brick and mortar stores.”

For more information, please call Gems One at 212-869-7084, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..