Last updateTue, 07 Jul 2020 11pm

Zillion introduces revolutionary 1-click jewelry insurance

In today’s world we have access to all the information we desire literally in the palm of our hand. “So why, with the technology available to us today, does the process of insuring jewelry still include paper and lengthy online applications to fill out?” asks Adam Black, Managing Director for jewelry insurer Zillion.

Zillion is changing all of that with their 1-click jewelry insurance that enables customers to obtain insurance in “seconds,” right from their smartphone at point of sale. With a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the insurance, jewelry, and technology industries and with insurance customers backed by worldwide insurance giant, AXA XL, Zillion is “bucking the status quo and dramatically improving the experience for jewelry retailers and their customers,” said Black


At a time when consumer expectations continue to evolve, one thing is for certain: control and immediacy matter more now than ever. Amazon has proven this with their “Buy Now” option at checkout, and companies like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the travel industry with their easy-to-use mobile apps. Zillion has recognized the same need for change with jewelry insurance and has taken on the challenge.

Zillion’s technology provides 1-click jewelry insurance - available immediately, at point-of-sale. A simple text is sent to the customer’s phone, giving them an offer of 10-day or annual coverage. With just a click, the customer can leave the jewelry store with immediate coverage. Zillion customers are protected and no longer burdened with a lengthy insurance application process or immediate payment requirement for coverage - they don’t have to wait for decisions from insurance companies. With Zillion, their jewelry is insured instantly and with ease.

Both jewelers and customers have been delighted:

“This is truly an incredible customer benefit. It costs the jeweler nothing, but adds so much goodwill to the customer relationship,” said John Simonian from New York-based The Source Fine Jewelers. “I was always concerned when customers left my store without insuring their purchase, and now with Zillion I am able to help my customers without doing anything differently other than emphasizing the importance of protecting their jewelry. It’s a no-brainer. I am taking care of my customer.”

Zillion customer Danielle B. said: “Great, easy experience with purchasing insurance for my engagement ring.”

Zillion’s integration with major point-of-sale (POS) systems like The Edge, BusinessMind, LogicMate, ChainDrive, and others provides jewelers with an easy process and eliminates the need for data entry. The software integration is a free feature from within the point of sale system, and jewelers do little more than communicate the importance of protecting the jewelry their customer just purchased. Zillion also provides jewelers with optional jewelry appraisal and statement of value software. This option allows for an easier document creation and distribution process, affording jewelers more time to focus on building their business and servicing customers.

“While necessity may have once been the mother of invention, in the on-demand world we live in, competent simplification has truly become the mother of reinvention - and Zillion is disrupting the industry by reinventing and simplifying the insurance experience to meet the demands of an ever-changing customer base and helping jewelers across the country do the same,” said Black.

For more information visit www.myzillion.com.