Last updateTue, 07 Apr 2020 8pm

ASHI launches Rewards Program

Motivate & reward your sales associates

(NEW YORK) - ASHI is excited to launch their new Rewards Program - a unique point-based rewards system for its retailers’ employees. The program is designed to reward your sales associates and motivate them to keep improving their performance.

Ashi rewards

The Rewards Program is designed to be simple yet effective in keeping track of sales generated by individual employees and rewarding them for each sale. This will motivate sales associates to improve their performance while also helping ASHI’s retailer clients increase sales and generate higher profits.

“The sales associates are the bridge between the retailers and consumers. It’s their efforts that engages customers and secures sales,” says Mr. Pandya, partner of ASHI Diamonds. “This is where our Rewards Program incentivizes them for a stellar job. It ensures that they get rewarded and in turn accumulates points for each sale they make, which they can redeem later for cash from ASHI.”  

Features of ASHI’s Rewards Program:

  • Easy to use cloud-based Rewards System to motivate your team on sales of ASHI products
  • Retailers will be able to assign store-wise Rewards Manager and Sales Associates in the system
  • Retailers will have the option to select Reward distribution to their sales associates or to the entire store
  • Sales associates can split sales with other associates
  • Recording of a sale is easy by entering basic info and uploading the sales invoice
  • Sales associates accumulates points for every sale they record
  • Rewards Points will be reflected to each sales associates, Rewards manager and retailer account
  • Redemption is fast and easy
  • Detailed reports available for sales, Rewards and ASHI styles in stock.

Benefits of ASHI’s Rewards Program:

  • Encourages Performance - With redeemable points being accumulated for every sale, there is a clear incentive for each sales associate to make sure they secure every sales opportunity and customer.
  • Maximize Profits - Each sales associate working towards increasing their sales output results in a boost to retailer profits.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction - With every sale being rewarded, sales associates experience greater job satisfaction as their efforts are directly rewarded.
  • Loyalty - Garner an increased sense of loyalty as sales associates see their efforts are valued, appreciated and rewarded.
  • Effective Sales Teams - The program helps retailers build a strong team of effective sales associates.

Healthy Competition - The rewards system fosters a sense of healthy competition between the sales associates, with each individual working hard to maximize points earned. This in turn helps the retailer generate greater sales and profit margins.

“The ASHI Rewards Program shows ASHI’s commitment to you and your valued sales associates,” says Mr. Pandya. “It also serves as a strong example of ASHI’s contribution towards your organization’s success. ASHI’s Rewards Program portrays that true success is only when all stakeholders collectively reap the rewards of working together!”

To learn more about ASHI’s Rewards Program, please call ASHI at 800-622-ASHI (2744), contact your regional sales representative, or visit www.AshiDiamonds.com.