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ASHI Diamonds launches 2020 Gift Book featuring Timeline Marketing Concept

(NEW YORK) - Birthdays, anniversaries and other regular gift-giving occasions are the low-hanging fruits of jewelry sales. For most retailers, however, harvesting methods for these recurring opportunities aren’t always bountiful. To help increase their potential yields, ASHI has created Gift Book ~ Expressions of Love Marketing Program, a 32-page catalog of the company’s top selling items in a customizable format that retailers can forward to their VIP clients for jewelry purchasing consideration.

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To support the sales of fashion jewelry during these occasions, ASHI has created The Timeline Concept. Retailers can use the Timeline Concept to ensure existing and potential clients consider gifts of jewelry for these occasions. This concept is designed to be used all year round for any event, including birthday, anniversary, graduation, Mother’s Day, birth of a child, achievement or promotion, etc.

“The majority of marketing dollars are allocated to the bridal market and the Christmas holiday season,” says Mr. Pandya, partner of ASHI Diamonds. “Our retail partners wanted a solution that addresses the need to reach out to their VIP customers during the other two most important occasions of the year, when they are most likely to buy diamond fashion jewelry, namely anniversaries and birthdays.”  

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The Timeline Concept begins 4 weeks prior to a special occasion of the VIP Client.

  • 4 weeks prior to the occasion, the sales associate mails the Gift Book along with a personal note and discount coupon to the client. 
  • 3 weeks prior to the occasion, the sales associate will call the client and ask if they liked anything in the Gift Book, invite them to visit the store to view any of the beautiful jewelry, and request permission to call their significant other.
  • 2.5 weeks prior to the occasion, the sales associate sends an email to the client with the digital flipbook of the Gift Book along with a discount coupon.
  • 2 weeks prior to the occasion, the sales associate calls the significant other, discusses the jewelry style their partner liked, sends them an email with the detail of the jewelry, and invites them to the store to view the jewelry.
  • The week before the special occasion, the client comes into the store with the significant other, browses the jewelry store and purchases a gift of jewelry.
  • After the sale sales associates post a picture of the smiling couple and the jewelry gift on the store’s Facebook and Instagram social media pages to attract more customers to the store.

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“The key to promoting the Gift Book ~ Expressions of Love during the special occasions is the concept of Timeline,” says Mr. Pandya. “Utilizing this Timeline Concept in reaching out to your key customers is an integral and critical part of the Gift Book Marketing Program.

“Through this special offering - Gift Book + Timeline + Digital Marketing, the retailers can significantly increase the sales in their jewelry stores all year round.”

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To get more information about the ASHI Gift Book and Timeline Program, please call ASHI Diamonds at 800-622-ASHI or visit www.ashidiamonds.com.