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Jewelers Mutual launches ‘Jewelry Obsessed’ advertising campaign

(NEENAH, Wis.) - Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been serving the jewelry industry for over 107 years. The company says protecting jewelry and the memories jewelry represents has made them a little obsessed.

This obsession is featured in their latest advertising campaign, “Jewelry Obsessed,” developed with Chicago-based creative agency Laughlin Constable, which takes a satirical journey into the reality of jewelry infatuation.

Mutual ad

Among the campaign’s bevy of lovable characters, “Sarah,” a newly engaged woman, would prefer her engagement ring be front and center as a bridesmaid (Watch Here) if it were socially acceptable. Her fiancé “Kevin,” who has evolved from geeking out about dinosaurs to memorizing diamond specs, finds it harder than he expected (Watch Here) to part with the ring - even when giving it to his beloved.

“We get it. We love jewelry so much, we have a polisher for our polisher. We insure jewelry, and only jewelry. And that’s why people like Kevin trust us with theirs,” the 30-second commercial says.

While Jewelers Mutual’s obsession is protecting jewelry, the premise for the “Jewelry Obsessed” campaign came straight from the company’s consumer focus groups who noted the process of shopping for engagement rings and other jewelry takes time, attention, and can become an obsession. More importantly, the jewelry pieces they settle on become their ultimate obsession.

“Not surprisingly, our research shows most consumers are obsessed with their jewelry because of the emotional events their pieces represent, such as marriage, a special trip or a promotion,” said Ken Murray, Jewelers Mutual vice president of digital and marketing. “But we also found that many jewelry wearers are simply not aware personal jewelry insurance exists, or that their homeowners’ or renters’ policies typically do not provide effective coverage.

“With this campaign, we are, in a fun, whimsical and relatable way, sharing consumers’ obsession with jewelry, because insuring jewelry is all we do.”

The annual campaign launched in January 2020 for consumers, with the jewelry trade coming in early spring. It includes a full digital campaign, social, and select print. Below please find the assets including video links, still images and credits.

View the full campaign playlist here

Learn more about Jewelers Mutual at www.JewelersMutual.com.