Last updateWed, 19 Feb 2020 12am

ASHI unveils the Lovebright Core Program

ASHI is proud to introduce their Lovebright Core Program, encapsulating the best performing styles within their best-selling Lovebright Collection. “Retailers across America are raving about Lovebright, which delivers great value to both, the retail partners and to their customers,” says Mr. Pandya, partner at ASHI. “The Lovebright patented setting allows our retail partners to achieve strong margins and high turns in everyday diamond essentials. Lovebright is proven to be successful across the board with all independent retailers.”

In the Lovebright Core Program, ASHI has taken their best-selling designs and packaged them in a way that makes it hassle-free for their retail partners.

Ashi lovebright

The elegant look, upscale styling and innovative setting of a Lovebright Diamond design makes a 1/2 ctw diamond piece look like a 1.50 carat diamond, and the Lovebright 1 ctw diamond piece creates an appearance similar to a 3 carat diamond. All of the products in the Lovebright Core Program have strong track records and are proven top performers. “Their sell through is nothing short of extraordinary,” says Pandya.

In the Standard Package, retailers can select designs worth $15,000 from the Lovebright Best Sellers. ASHI provides 100% Lovebright Memo Match of the asset purchase. Retailers will have the flexibility to make 6 equal monthly payments to be able to take advantage of the Lovebright Core Program.

Additionally ASHI delivers the whole package to support their retail partners, including a beautiful 18” wide modular private label display, guaranteed 24 - 48 hour delivery for all styles in the program, an entire digital marketing library, and a store-branded micro-website to help reach their customers no matter where they’re searching.

ASHI is proud to say Lovebright has consistently helped their retail partners achieve a high turn and high gross margin. For more information contact ASHI Diamonds at 800-622-ASHI (2744), contact your Regional ASHI Sales Rep or visit www.AshiDiamonds.com.