Last updateWed, 26 Feb 2020 1pm

GN Diamond, Shane Decker partner to bring retailers free webinar training

As every jeweler knows, the “close” is everything. That’s why diamond trainer extraordinaire, Shane Decker, President of Ex-Sell-Ence and GN Diamond’s CEO Asaf Herskovitz have teamed up to bring retailers the ultimate diamond closing webinar class - just in time for the holiday selling season. You’ll learn new ways to earn your customer’s business, including:

  • Sizing up the sale
  • Identifying customer “types”
  • How to pitch with technology
  • Closing 101 - Sealing the deal

Shane Decker highly recommends GN Diamond’s new in-store selling tool. He says that in all his 46 years in this industry, he has never seen a tool this easy to use that helps jewelers sell more diamonds and sets them apart from competitors.

GN Shane

GN Diamond’s new sales tool is easy to use by sales people, owners, and managers when explaining the 4 Cs and providing retailers a point of distinction against online competition, big box stores and local competitors. Now, the end consumer can easily understand why a price difference between two seemingly similar diamonds may vary by as much as a 70%. This tool helps retailers build an even greater rapport and trust with their clients and explains the importance of quality rough, light performance tools to show the brilliancy within the diamond, and insurance discounts to help close the gap when consumers negotiate.

The first webinar was held on Friday, August 9th and there were over 50 participants. Many questions were asked and the reviews were extraordinary. Participants agreed that when presenting diamonds, retailers may need to do a better job in explaining how rare diamonds are and that it takes over 250 truckloads of diamond dirt to create one 1 carat I1 clarity diamond. It is so important for the end consumer to shop in a brick and mortar store and to physically see a diamond in person. This purchase may represent one of the top 5 items one may buy in their lifetime.

Join GN Diamond and Shane Decker for their next webinar on Friday, September 13, 2019, at 1 pm. Topics will include:

  • The 7 types of closes and who uses them
  • Creating a point of distinction for your store
  • Qualifying what customers see on-line when shopping for a diamond.

GN Diamond is open 7 days a week and offers free shipping. For more information call 800-724-8810 or visit www.gndiamond.com.