Gesswein introduces RingRescue™ ring remover & digital wax pen

Is your customer’s ring impossible to remove? Not anymore, says Gesswein. The company is pleased to introduce RingRescue™, a new non-destructive ring removal set.

Gesswein 1

In years past, removing a ring from a swollen finger was accomplished by cutting the ring apart with a conventional ring cutter. RingRescue™ is designed to be an innovative practical tool that can be used by anyone in a jewelry store to safely remove rings from swollen fingers - without damage to the ring.

RingRescue™ was created to remove rings stuck due to swollen fingers or some type of accident (in case of trauma, consider using a thin disposable glove under the device). Instead of cutting off the ring, which can carry liability, you can now easily, safely and quickly remove it with RingRescue™, says Gesswein. Designed by a team of medical doctors and engineers, and tested in hospitals and jewelry stores, RingRescue™ offers the jewelry and medical industries a new and effective solution for on-the-spot ring removal.

Simply apply RingRescue™ over the affected finger and push the bulb to inflate. The process takes up to 5 or 6 minutes for the most difficult swelling. Once the bulb of the RingRescue™ device is deflated, simply apply lubricant (included) to the area (ring) after compression to help take the ring off, now that the swelling has subsided. The process is that simple and can be completed by one person.

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RingRescue™ is ideal for any jewelry store, emergency room, urgent care facility, ambulance, fire trucks as well as many medical teams that include nurses, paramedics, and physicians (especially obstetricians).

Inner diameter of the cuff for your finger is approximately 1” (25.5mm).

Key Features:

  • Blade free removal
  • Leaves ring intact
  • Safe and simple to use

PEPETOOLS® TouchAmatic Digital Wax Pen

Additionally, Gesswein has introduced a state-of-the-art, redesigned digital wax pen that provides immediate heating response when you simply touch the contact point on the pen.

Gesswein Pen

Features variable control knob for precise temperature control. Low enough to do fine wax work and high enough to burn sprues into silicone molds. Two modes: “Continuous Mode” will output a constant temperature from the pen tip and “Touch Mode” will output heat only when the pen is activated. Takes up minimal space on the benchtop with its small footprint. Handpiece cord measures 31” providing necessary maneuverability. Includes four color-coded Nichrome tips. CE and RoHS compliant. Made in USA.


Temperature Range: Up to 800°F (420°C)

Dual Voltage: 110/230V, 50/60 Hz. (Changes automatically)

Max Power Consumption: 20VA

Dimensions ( Lx W x H): 6-1/2” x 3” x 4”

For more information contact Gesswein at 203-366-5400 or visit