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Color stones made clear with AGI’s optimized website

AGI mobileVisit ShopAGI.com to experience the newly mobile optimized website for finished jewelry and loose stones to fit any project, budget or style.A business that has thrived in color gemstones for over 40 years, Authentic Gem Imports (AGI) has launched a revamped, mobile-optimized website (www.shopagi.com) that showcases their inventory of over 6,000 loose stones and 500 finished jewelry styles to suit the online shopper.

The AGI website was optimized to meet the demands of jewelry businesses who need quick, searchable stone inventories to help deliver speedy price quotes, answer questions on the sales floor and capture sales with searchable information via desktop, tablet or mobile.

“It’s our belief that if we create easier access to gemstone knowledge, discoverability and access, we can achieve explosive growth with custom gemstone jewelry,” says Pete Vaidya, founder and owner. “Our mission is to show our clients and their customers that gemstone shopping is easy, affordable and exciting.”

Gemstone interest has continued to surge within the fine jewelry world, with many bridal customers turning to gemstones to satisfy their desire for unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Demands for exceptional ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite center stones show that color stone jewelry is realizing a larger share of the jewelry market, and different color combinations of stone and metal lead to infinite possibilities on the selling floor. Jewelry stores should be prepared to educate their customers on available options when designing any type of jewelry, as color stones can vary greatly in price, quality and color range.

AGI Pete MattOwner Pete Vaidya and Regional Sales Manager Matt Stevens show off some of the finished gemstone pieces from their mid-town Dallas showroom.AGI’s new website features over 500 finished jewelry styles that show the remarkable breadth of color stone options, as well as a gallery of over 700 custom jewelry projects to learn, get inspired, or order a piece. The website filters are optimized to search by any variable including style, stone type, color, shape, price range, certification, heat treatment, delivery date and more.

“Jewelry stores cannot afford to be outsmarted by a customer who wants a gemstone piece. So when that customer walks into the door, a few simple clicks within AGI’s master gemstone search will tell you everything you need to know to make the sale,” says Vaidya.

Visitors to www.shopagi.com can expect high resolution photography of each gemstone and a full list of information including origin, quality, measurements and remarks from AGI’s certified gemologists. They also have general education about the gemstone, including captivating history points, MOHS hardness, mineral species and cultural significance such as birthstone and anniversary stone information. “Customers love to know everything about an investment like jewelry, and there’s something fascinating to know about each and every gemstone in our database,” Vaidya added.

AGI jewelryAGI’s gemstone offerings include A-AAA quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, certified stones, gemstone melee, and finished jewelry.

The gemologists at AGI travel directly to India, China, Japan, Thailand and the mines of Sri Lanka each year, sourcing their raw materials from these mines since the early 1980s. Directly sourcing stones allows AGI to price stones at their best value, eliminating the time-consuming process of price comparisons. “We know that time is of the essence when it comes to making a sale with a customer,” said Vaidya. “Our jewelry store partners can hop onto shopagi.com and find the perfect stone for their custom projects with ease, and can expect the best value for their raw materials.”

AGI Pete RenuOwner Pete Vaidya and wife Renu offer expert evaluation and consultation on loose precious gemstones. Their inventory of over 4,000 gemstones is searchable on shopagi.comAGI also offers database searching on their website for over 2,000 loose diamonds, calibrated melee diamonds, diamond essentials (bracelets and studs), and loose pearls. Their offering of finished gemstone jewelry includes one-of-a-kind pieces, multi-carat cocktail rings and ornately detailed statement pieces. AGI’s custom jewelry service provides free CAD design, quick price quotes and turn-around on completed pieces. Check out the Recent Custom Examples gallery to view a showcase of gemstone jewelry creations.

For more information, visit AGI’s website at www.shopagi.com, e-mail Pete Vaidya at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 800-527-7617.