Last updateWed, 27 May 2020 11pm

GN Diamond launches new interactive platform

Bridal season is upon us and retailers all across the country are excited to let the fresh air in and do weekend long to month long diamond jewelry events. GN Diamond is offering tools to help with successful marketing ideas to increase your referral business, new customer business and additional sales business stemming from existing clients.


GN Diamond’s new interactive platform offers a full continuum of services consisting of a diamond hunt section, training videos, marketing videos and a simplistic sales training section to help the entire sales team with business to consumer sales. Having of all of these advantages in one place it makes for a smooth presentation resulting in quicker sales.

GN Diamond’s 100% Guaranteed Trade In policy reduces store owners fears of buying merchandise that may not sell. “Let’s face it, what other industry in the entire world allows you to return an item after a period of time and still get the full value of the purchase price to go against another purchase?” said Asaf Herskovitz, CEO of GN Diamond.

“GN believes in constantly changing the way we do business by listening to challenges faced by store owners, store managers and sales people in various locations and of various sizes,” he added. “While this platform has been two years in production, we are still making improvements and enhancements to help jewelers sell more diamonds. 

“We offer competitive pricing on our GIA and EGL USA loose diamond inventory with the majority of our diamonds being found on the first page of RapNet and Polygon. You will not find our diamonds on internet portals like James Allen or Blue Nile so you are not competing against yourself on the open market.”

For more information visit GN Diamond at www.gndiamond.com or call 800-724-8810. GN Diamond is open 7 days a week and offers free shipping.