Last updateTue, 25 Jun 2019 9pm

GN Diamond launches new app

Enhances diamond buyer’s in-store experience

“Entering into 2019, retailers continue to be faced with challenging buying patterns from the end consumer,” says GN Diamond CEO Asaf Herskovitz. “Blue Nile stores and James Allen stores are popping up all over, coupled with a multitude of other online internet sites. The end consumer has become more tech savvy than ever. Despite all of these resources, GN Diamond has learned from our retail partners that buyers still crave the personal, life experience they receive in a brick and mortar store.”


GN Diamond has created a new app retailers can offer to their customers providing a “better way of buying a diamond,” said Herskovitz. “Our new, all in one app enhances the in-store sales experience by offering features to include diamond education, third party light performance tools - like Gemprint - to help explain why one G SI2 is brighter than another G SI2.  A 360 degree view of the diamond under 15 power magnification to show where the natural birthmarks are located without the cumbersome use of a loupe and tweezers.”

The new launch comes with a resource center containing videos that are geared for sales associates and the end consumer. The resource center helps eliminate sales kills and overcome common objections. Marketing tools and turn key solutions to help retailers close more sales are also provided. Having GN Diamond’s $70 million+ inventory easily accessible, with your store’s mark-up, helps to qualify sales and increase revenue.

“We create an in store life experience for the end consumer, helping retailers close more sales and generate more referrals,” added Herskovitz. “Virtual Reality is particularly geared toward Millennials as they can actually view a diamond on its journey from the mine where it was unearthed to the store. It’s a unique and inspiring experience for clients to feel a more personal connection to the diamond they will purchase. Couples appreciate a diamond when they know its story, and they get a better understanding of what makes two diamonds different - along with their prices - even though they may seem identical.”

For more information contact GN Diamond at 800-724-8810, www.gndiamond.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..