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Dazzling Paws Jewelry unveils Namaste Collection

(PLOVER, Wis.) - Dazzling Paws Jewelry, manufacturer of high quality designer dog themed jewelry for people who love dogs, has announced the release of a unique new line, the Namaste Collection. The Collection features sterling silver pieces that depict dogs (and their humans) posing in various yoga poses and debuts just in time for Christmas.


Myra Westphal, President, created these pieces shortly after the arrival of Surf, her rescue dog from the Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. She stated: “This line has been in my design journals for many years. It was only after I adopted Surf from Texas that I decided it was time for this collection to come to life. Surf is a grounded Border Collie and it seemed very fitting that I launch this new collection in his honor.”

The Namaste Collection is made entirely from recycled sterling silver and made in the USA. Yoga poses include the Boat Pose, Crescent Lunge Pose, Warrior III and Downward Dog. More designs are coming and each design is available as a pendant or earring set featured in a circular disk.

For the Boat Pose, a Doberman Pinscher takes the stage as the legs extend upwards towards the sky. Its arms hold a level pose, and graceful lines in the Doberman body create artistic flair.

A Golden Retriever holds the powerful Warrior III pose, with gentle waves in its body to mimic the Golden Retriever’s wavy coat. This piece exudes concentration and a sense of grounding oneself with nature and the world around us.

Adding a little flair, the Papillon holds a Crescent Lunge Pose, with its fluffy tail flowing gracefully into the disk. Just as the pose is intended to bring balance and strength, the Papillon is a wonderful representation of centering oneself.

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The Downward Dog is one of yoga’s most recognized poses. The Australian Shepherd portrays this pose that is meant to calm and relieve stress from the body. The Australian Shepherd holds itself in an inverted “V” position, equally distributing its weight on all four paws.

Dazzling Paws Jewelry includes: dog breeds with a unique flair, paw prints and dog bone collections, pet memorial jewelry, semi-precious and crystal collection, beads, Build-Your-Own Letter Line, as well as dog sports like Agility, Obedience, Rally, Conformation, Free Style and Flyball. Sterling silver jewelry designs include: pendants, earrings, rings, toe rings, beads, bracelets, pins, charm holders, chains, and tie tacks. 

For more information visit www.dazzlingpawsjewelry.com or call (715) 345-1314.