Last updateTue, 19 Mar 2019 7pm

eLUXE3D, Carrera Casting partner to create “the new standard for jewelry scanning”

eLUXE GregGreg Falkner, Carrera Product Development Manager uses the eLUXE3D scanner to begin a new jewelry reproduction process.

“It’s real, it’s here,” is the way Paul Hoffner, Operations Manager for Carrera Casting in New York City describes the latest jewelry scanning technology from eLUXE3D. “It’s the previous ‘missing link’ in the Digital Chain of Custody that goes from idea to finished product.

Up to now you had to have someone create a CAD file to start the process,” states Hoffner. “Now you can scan an existing piece and immediately add it to your digital jewelry manufacturing workflow while protecting your IP.”

For eLUXE3D it made sense to work with Carrera to refine the first practical generation of scanning technology specifically for the jewelry market. Carrera has often been considered the proving ground for the casting industry for many years. 

“Working with Carrera is vital to our ongoing refinements,” according to Srdjan Urosev, Founder and CEO of eLUXE3D. “We’ve perfected the technology, we’ve gone in and basically created the software that’s fully automated, easy to use, hardware that is more acceptable to the jewelry industry and have been working with really educating the market over the past two to three years and trying to make the life of the everyday designer and jewelry manufacturer a little bit easier.  So that’s always been our goal.”    

eLUXE scanner

An early advocate for adding 3D scanning to Carrera’s rapidly evolving digital workflow was Carrera’s Product Development Manager, Greg Falkner. “Oftentimes we have to build a piece around a stone that’s already cut. So, let’s say it is a colored stone with some unusual dimensions. We’ll take it and scan the entire thing in and then use it as a template to build a ring or another piece of jewelry around that stone.”

“I think we’re first discovering this technology is going to give everybody the ability to think out of the box,” adds Hoffner. “Just this morning I had a customer here with an old antique piece of jewelry that they were trying to fix, like Grandma’s broken piece. Half of it was missing. In looking at it I suggested to just remake it from scratch. We can just scan it and with a little fixing here and there of the file we can then just reprint it and cast a new piece.”

eLUXE scanner 1

The eLUXE3D scanners are ideal for scanning organic objects that are impossible to measure with traditional measuring tools. “For the jewelry industry adopting the eLUXE3D scanning technology has become easy thanks to extensive development and field testing cycles,” states Urosev.

“Carrera is where new technology and ideas come to life or die in the real world,” according to Hoffner. “The eLUXE3D scanning technology has passed the road test and has already made a big contribution to solving customer jewelry creation or reproduction challenges. It’s a game-changer.”

For more information contact Chris Glaser, eLUXE3D at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 309-269-6760, or contact Paul  Hoffner, Carrera Casting at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-360-2339.