Last updateWed, 11 Jul 2018 7am

Revolutionary new eLUXE3D scanner unveiled


Traditional 3D scanning technology was no match for detail-rich pieces that the jewelry industry demands. It was time consuming and didn’t provide accurate and timely data that is required for the modern jewelry CAD designer. 


eQuality Tech, Inc. has been at the forefront of 3D scanning, supporting industrial scanning applications with expertise and passion. With 20 years of 3D scanning knowledge and listening closely to the needs of jewelry industry insiders, founder and CEO Srdjan Urosev, perfected the 3D scanner for the jewelry industry. In 2014 Srdjan created eLUXE3D as a technology solely dedicated to serving the specific and exacting requirements of the jewelry industry.

With the start of 2018, eLUXE3D launched the 3rd generation jewelry scanner with the highest resolution ever. eLUXE3D SILVER 2.0 mega-pixel scanner and eLUXE3D GOLD 6.4 mega-pixel scanner, provide users exceptional resolution, speed and automation. The systems feature the latest technological advances such as BLUE LED, full color scanning, a 1.3mp, 2.0mp and 6.4mp resolution options, all with a single USB 3.0 integration. The user-friendly software platform makes the process easy while offering outputs of STL, PLY and OBJ.

 Custom wedding bands, 3D digital heir-looming and irregular gemstone scanning, are just a few areas of the jewelry design process that are a perfect fit for the eLUXE3D scanner. Used worldwide, “eLUXE3D is the fasted, most accurate 3D scanning system in the jewelry market,” says Chris Glaser, eLUXE3D V.P. of Sales & Marketing. “Within minutes, eLUXE3D can bring your physical objects into the digital world.”

Professional Jewelry CAD Designers use eLUXE3D scanners daily to complete many tasks. The eLUXE3D scanner is often used to scan objects and scaling them to correct size in order to save a significant amount of modeling time. Scanning an existing object to use as the starting point for creating a one of a kind piece of jewelry. The eLUXE3D scanners are ideal for scanning organic objects that are impossible to measure with traditional measuring tools.

“A process that has always been challenging and time consuming is matching a perfect wedding band to an existing engagement ring,” says Glaser. “By scanning the engagement ring, jewelers don’t have to keep the customers engagement ring to generate the design. eLUXE3D scans capture all the necessary data that is required to design the perfect band. Jewelers can hand the engagement ring back to the customer in minutes knowing that they have accurate data to create a perfect fit wedding band. Additionally, the re-design process and 3D printing multiple iterations is eliminated.”

Additional benefits of the eLUXE3D scanner include capturing design intent, digital archiving, stone scanning unique shapes and Virtual 3-Dimensional Inspection. All this can be done in one location eliminating the need to ship precious pieces around the globe.

Dominic Ventura from Fourth Axis Design in New York City has made the eLUXE3D scanner a daily tool for all design work. He says: “Being able to digitize a physical object has allowed me to do jobs I couldn’t do before and extend my range of capability. The eLUXE3D scanner is the final piece of the puzzle in my digital jewelry shop.”

For more information call 248-247-3800, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.eluxe3d.com.