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Gem Star Imports’ revolutionary ‘MAGNIFICENCE’ set to change the way we look at diamond jewelry


Gem Star Imports has a brilliant new concept for independent retailers who are looking for the next big thing to revolutionize their business and draw new customers across demographic lines. The “MAGNIFICENCE” collection, which will be available to ship in the month of October, is an exciting “game-changer” for the fine jewelry market.

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The worldwide patent-pending technology of MAGNIFICENCE consists of a unique design and setting that magnifies the diamond’s size and enhances its beauty. This jewelry product is going to change the way the industry looks at fine diamond jewelry.

The concept is beautiful in its simplicity: A diamond is set behind a sapphire crystal lens, one similar to a crystal used in luxury brands of watches. The innovative lens, Gem Star says, “captures light in the perfect balance to create a glowing, and extravagant piece of fine jewelry.”

“We’ve explored many levels of product development to ensure there is no distortion of the diamond,” says April Scorcia, Vice President at Gem Star Imports. “The magnification is double the size with no distortion when appreciated from any perspective. When we showed the MAGNIFICENCE collection to our customers at trade shows, they said, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize the crystal was part of the piece!’ ”

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The crystal is resistant to scratches, fogging and fingerprints, thanks to quality research and development behind the product’s design. “The diamond can be worn anytime, anywhere,” April says.

MAGNIFICENCE pieces are H/I color, SI/1 clarity. A ¼-carat diamond appears to be 5/8 carats; a ½-carat diamond appears to be 1¼ carats. “The basic fact that we can magnify the appearance of a diamond at least 2 times and up to 2½ times is amazing,” April says. “We make products with as small as an .08 carat center up to .50 carat.”

The product line - including earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets - is available in 14-karat yellow, white and rose gold. A variety of price ranges makes the product attractive and will revitalize any jewelry showcase. The brand includes a beautiful in-case display, valued gift box, and other marketing support to help the retailer sell this unique collection.

“This is a new and innovative product that is sure to transform the fine jewelry market,” April says. “Jewelers do not have to look any further to find the product that will excite the consumer and get them into their store. This is a great product, for all demographic markets.” Price points are from $349 retail and up.

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Gem Star Imports, the exclusive distributor of MAGNIFICENCE to independent retailers, is excited to offer a wide array of consumers the ability to purchase an exceptional product. Customers will appreciate the competitive value of the brand where they may pay the same as they would for another brand while getting twice the value from their purchase.

It is a practical jewelry design with a romantic essence, Magnify Your Love . . . April urges retailers to “Get involved in the collection from the start and let MAGNIFICENCE magnify your sales!”

Amit Patel, owner and CEO of New York-based Gem Star Imports, says: “MAGNIFICENCE is revolutionary and a game-changer for today’s market. This unique jewelry design ties in beautifully with the emotional element of ‘Magnify Your Love.’ We are offering incredible value and beauty. We believe in the success of this magnificent product line.”

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