Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Rio Grande to offer ForeverFit™ Self-Sizing Shanks


Bernie Reller of RellerGold is pleased to announce that Rio Grande jewelry supply will now carry his ForeverFit™ Self-Sizing Shank in a popular range of sizes in both 14K white and yellow gold in 2.5 and 4mm widths. Other ring sizes, and the 6mm series, in 14K, 18K, and platinum are available as a special order from Rio or directly from RellerGold.


“I’m truly pleased that another great company like Rio has picked up the ForeverFit shank,” says Reller, “and the Bell family has always been great to work with!”

Shortly after it was introduced the ForeverFit shank was reviewed and very favorably compared to other “adjustable” shanks in a paper presented at Rio’s prestigious Santa Fe Symposium.

“The term ‘adjustable shanks’ appears in findings catalogs but it’s kind of a misnomer,” says Reller. “Those shanks open, but  close down to one specific size. Only the ForeverFit actually adjusts over a range of three and a half ring sizes and self adjusts to boot! With ForeverFit the customer who purchases an expensive adjustable shank is not disappointed the minute her ring size changes a bit.”

The self-adjusting quality of ForeverFit makes it ideal for those suffering from arthritis, but also uniquely beneficial for women whose ring size changes periodically, which means virtually all women.

ForeverFit’s ease of use is of major benefit to our aging population which increasingly suffers from arthritis and experiences difficulty seeing and manipulating the tiny levers and buttons found on other similar products. And ForeverFit rings can’t open unexpectedly, says Reller. This eliminates exposure of the jeweler to potential liability due to the loss of an expensive ring.

Reller offers a reasonably priced installation service for ForeverFit but the process is easy enough for any novice bench jeweler who can “half shank” a ring. “This saving of time and money is a major competitive advantage of ForeverFit,” explains Reller.

Bernie’s father, Master Craftsman Marcus Reller, began producing gold jewelry in the 1920s in Vienna, Austria. The Reller family settled in Florida in the 1950s and has produced nautical, sea life, resort jewelry and findings,  under the Lone Palm trademark ever since.

For more information visit www.ForeverFitRings.com and www.RellerGold.com or call 800-233-4820.