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Everything Old is New Again

Antique 3Retailers discover antique & period jewelry resonates with today’s shoppers 

Jewelers operating in a fiercely competitive climate must get creative when connecting with their core customers. Now the demographic of jewelry consumers and the reasons they buy are light years away from those in the 20th century. Then, jewelry sent a completely different signal than it does now. Years back, people wore their wealth.

Chance meeting leads to a unique bank/jeweler appraisal partnership

KahnTerry Kahn, GG, president of Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina.

(GREENSBORO, N.C.) - A happenstance meeting between an established independent jewelry appraiser and innovative trust banking executive in Greensboro, NC led the bank (First Citizens Bank) to establish a unique system, centralizing in the Greensboro area all appraisals for estate jewelry from more than 500 branches in 18 states.

GN Diamond offering on-going training to retailers’ sales force

GNDarci Aselage, GG, GN Diamond’s resident training professional, conducting in-store training.

GN Diamond continues to make strides in the wholesale market place by offering retailers free training for their sales associates. GN states they speak with over 3500 retailers on a daily basis, allowing them to learn of new trends in the marketplace, new obstacles retailers are facing, and new ideas to create more sales for the brick and mortar store. GN is dedicated to remaining loyal to its retail partners and does not post their inventory on internet portals, thus eliminating stores potentially competing against themselves. 

The Atlantic explores the legend of the Pearl of Lao Tzu

A tale of ancient philosophers, alien abductions, murder-for-hire and how the world’s largest pearl came to be the centerpiece of an 80-year-old hoax 

egend says the diver drowned retrieving the pearl. Trapped in a giant Tridacna clam, his body was brought to the surface by his fellow tribesmen in Palawan, a province of the Philippines, in May 1934. When the clam was pried open, and the meat scraped out, the local chief beheld something marvelous: a massive pearl, its sheen like satin.