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GN Diamond shares jewelers’ creative marketing tips

“GN Diamond is loyal to our retail partners and we speak with over 3,500 independents on a weekly basis,” says company CEO Asaf Herskovitz. While many experience the same daily obstacles, many also provide insight on how to increase foot traffic and compete with internet sites. Here are some of the creative marketing strategies that have produced positive results for jewelers.

GoGreen Diamonds now offering finished jewelry

Laboratory grown diamond specialist GoGreen Diamonds has announced they are now offering finished jewelry featuring their lab-grown diamonds. “Since our inception in 2015, GoGreen Diamonds has become one of the world’s largest and most trusted producers of grown diamonds,” said Sehal Modi, COO of GoGreen Diamonds. “Our success has been due as much to the integrity of our environmentally conscious approach, as to the exceptional quality of our diamonds. It is our commitment to provide the highest quality lab grown diamonds by utilizing the latest technologies and innovations.”

FCRF study projects most top diamond mines will close within one generation

Fancy color prices will rise as supply wanes

(NEW YORK) - According to new research published by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), one of the most overlooked facts concerning the diamond industry is that the world’s diamond mines are rapidly depleting. Within a quarter of a century the majority of the 45 most notable diamond mines operating today will cease to exist, and the last diamond will be unearthed in 60 years.