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Jewelers Mutual’s cost-efficient, revenue-generating programs deliver high value to jewelers

Mutual e(NEENAH, Wis.) - Jewelers Mutual is known in the jewelry industry for offering protection for jewelry businesses with policies that can be scaled as jewelers grow as well as protecting customers’ personal jewelry. The company dedicated to insuring jewelry businesses for more than 100 years also wants jewelry business owners to know this: Jewelers Mutual is more than just insurance.

In addition to helping jewelers stay connected to their customers, jewelers nationwide are also discovering the value Jewelers Mutual’s signature programs bring to their bottom line - either by means of cost savings or generating additional revenue for their businesses.

“We’ve come out with so many great programs - programs our jewelers have asked us for - to truly help raise the tide of the industry,” said Mark Devereaux, Vice President of Sales at Jewelers Mutual.

Jewelers Mutual Group’s three most popular programs are JM Care Plan™, JM Shipping Solution™ and Jeweler’s Cut® LINK.

JM Care Plan™ - Comprehensive 3-year and lifetime jewelry and watch protection plans designed to provide peace of mind to jewelry customers and increased revenue and customer retention for the jeweler. JM Care Plan provides repair and replacement benefits that complement the customer’s purchase and help keep their item in like-new condition.

JM Shipping Solution™ - Jewelers can compare and select shipping options with built-in discounts on freight, insurance, and more. This program allows the jewelry industry to shop all major carriers, service types, and packaging using dashboards to simplify their buying decision.

Jeweler’s Cut® LINK - An in-store solution for personal jewelry insurance that enhances the customer experience, increases revenue, and creates repeat business. Jewelers can earn cash for every item description (for pieces valued at $2,500 and above) submitted by their customers.

For example, Evan Silbert of Thurber Jewelers participates in the Jeweler’s Cut® LINK program. He recently shared with Jewelers Mutual, “We love getting our program reward - we use it to offset our own insurance costs. Everyone wins.”

Devereaux understands not every jeweler is ready to switch their current insurance carrier, and that’s okay. However, he feels strongly that there is no company that understands a jeweler’s business better than Jewelers Mutual. The company’s suite of offerings includes valuable benefits for both insured customers and those not yet insured with the nation’s leading insurer for the jewelry industry.

“Keeping pace in today’s competitive business environment can be overwhelming for any business owner. Whatever Jewelers Mutual can do to help make the industry stronger, we’re doing it,” Devereaux said.

As part of Jewelers Mutual’s commitment to strengthening the industry, they recently launched a new, easy-to-use Program Benefits Calculator. The tool is a helpful way for jewelry business owners to gain awareness to the financial benefits of Jewelers Mutual’s offerings beyond insurance.

The calculator allows users to generate a personalized estimate as to how their business can thrive using Jewelers Mutual’s programs. It respects the user’s time with an immediate assessment and provides an option to receive contact from a Jewelers Mutual agent to answer any additional questions.

Interested jewelers may estimate their true potential by trying out the Program Benefits Calculator at JewelersMutual.com/Benefits and should visit the Jewelers Mutual booth at upcoming industry shows to inquire further. 

To find an agent and learn more about Jewelers Mutual’s comprehensive business coverage or programs, please contact Jewelers Mutual at 800-336-5642, ext. 2118 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..