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GN Diamond shares jewelers’ creative marketing tips

“GN Diamond is loyal to our retail partners and we speak with over 3,500 independents on a weekly basis,” says company CEO Asaf Herskovitz. While many experience the same daily obstacles, many also provide insight on how to increase foot traffic and compete with internet sites. Here are some of the creative marketing strategies that have produced positive results for jewelers.

• Improve/update your website: Its more important than ever to have a current online presence for moving your company forward. Make sure your website is easy to read and appealing. To this end, GN Diamond offers free images of loose diamonds and finished jewelry. Retailers can also place GN’s inventory on their site with their own mark-ups.

Utilize sites like Facebook and Instagram: Reach a younger audience on social media with a targeted and curated feed. Strive to make it sleek and attractive to the millennial generation.

Co-Branding: Partner up with local, high end businesses in your area - hair salons, restaurants, car dealerships - by offering discounts to each others’ stores with a purchase at your store. For example, offer $25 gift cards for every $1,000 spent. Another great use of co-branding would be to have coasters advertising your store in local restaurants.

• Create an Incentive: Consumers are enticed by extra incentives such as free shipping. Create incentives for your customers by offering ‘membership’ discounts targeted at certain community members or groups like teachers, police officers and military, or any group you want to congratulate for a job well done. A good example would be a 5% discount on purchases.

• Refer a Friend: Place 5 business cards in each purchase offering an incentive for your customer to refer friends and family.

GN referral

• Philanthropy: Donate to your favorite charity. The publicity is practically free advertising.

• Branded Promotional Materials: Give your customers a hand in adorning their hands! Offer them small bottles of lotion with your logo on it upon entry to improve the look of their hands before trying on jewelry, and to help with sliding rings on and off their fingers. These will also reinforce the memory of their experience every time they use the lotion after their visit.

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“Buying bridal jewelry is an emotional decision,” said Herskovitz. “Capitalize on your customers’ emotions with these marketing techniques and by stocking up on bread and butter diamonds. GN has the technology to analyze your buying habits, hot sellers, and inventory turn based upon size, quality, shape and color, and turn it into increased revenue. At GN, we offer free overnight shipping, convenient terms, and a risk-free proposition with our 100% sell through guarantee on loose diamonds and diamond studs.”

For more information about GN Diamond visit www.gndiamond.com or call 800-724-8810.