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Party like it’s 2009

JWD MurphyMarlene MurphyTen years ago, Marlene Murphy - a demonstrable tech-expert with decades of results to her credit - put heads together with childhood friend and award-nabbing journalist-gemologist Diana Jarrett. Jewelry Website Designers, or JWD, (www.jewelrywebsitedesigners.com) was born from their good ideas that found its footing early on. Today, it’s a highly recommended jewelry industry website developer - for some pretty obvious reasons. JWD was founded by industry insiders who appreciate the particular challenges facing the jewelry trade.

Something never done before

The idea was to offer the jewelry trade a completely different website design option - one from an insider’s vantage point. With plenty of website developers hawking business owners today, it becomes difficult to settle on the ‘best one’.

Look-alikes aren’t equal

Developers may look similar, and some tantalize with super low price-points. But there’s a catch. Most have US based addresses and phone numbers, but are actually off-shore. So, business owners are hobbled by those developers’ hours - often 10-12 hours different than stateside. They also shut down for manifold holidays. Then there are the templates. While their portfolio looks like they have ‘unique’ layouts, as a customer finally begins the design process, they discover many limitations they wish they’d known about before signing up.

Speaking your language

The jewelry trade is distinct from other businesses. So, whether your business is B2B or B2C, you have a language that is particular to your customers and your trade. Only insiders in our industry understand the subtle nuances that define our trade and drive it forward in an increasingly competitive market.

Marlene and Diana laid some ground rules to make this thing work for themselves and their customers. They determined to keep it as a boutique development company - not exceeding a certain number of clients at a time. That way, they can give it their full focus for a gorgeous result. And customers know they are top priority - not just one of many while their site is being developed.

Keeping it real

There’s more to this one-of-a-kind company. Marlene and Diana made it a no-template-zone; every site developed starts from scratch. The options are infinitely modifiable. No two sites will ever be turned out looking exactly alike. And that’s because, no two jewelry businesses are exactly alike. Their goals, their story, and inventory are all unique. So, shouldn’t a website reflect that distinct character?

My, how a decade whizzed by

Ten years on, they are still exceeding expectations, having fun, and making lifelong friends of their clients. The client’s success is theirs, they believe.

Things change over time, of course. The internet is always undergoing enormous changes with its capabilities and methods of delivering content. Businesses have also advanced in response to customer demands, evolving preferences and spending habits. JWD has stayed in lock-step with these transitions to remain relevant to its clientele.

Party time

JWD JarrettDiana JarrettJWD thinks the best way to celebrate 10 years of serving the jewelry community is by offering a gift to customers old and new. If you need to refresh your online presence, JWD has some ideas that will energize your website visitors. Don’t have a website at all? No problem. JWD is offering a 10th Anniversary gift package on every website developed. Learn about the valuable add-ons for your updated site, and best of all, you get to choose the gift you like best. Select either 10% off your entire price or select up to three valuable add-ons to your new site - for free! Marlene can help you pick the option best suited for your needs.

Check out www.jewelrywebsitedesigners.com to view the portfolio and its pricing. It’s JWD’s way of saying thanks for making this business the most recommended website developer in the industry. Call Marlene Murphy today and say “Happy Decade!” at 810-750-8082 or e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..