Last updateTue, 19 Mar 2019 7pm

GN Diamond offering on-going training to retailers’ sales force

GNDarci Aselage, GG, GN Diamond’s resident training professional, conducting in-store training.

GN Diamond continues to make strides in the wholesale market place by offering retailers free training for their sales associates. GN states they speak with over 3500 retailers on a daily basis, allowing them to learn of new trends in the marketplace, new obstacles retailers are facing, and new ideas to create more sales for the brick and mortar store. GN is dedicated to remaining loyal to its retail partners and does not post their inventory on internet portals, thus eliminating stores potentially competing against themselves. 

GN offers skill practice through skype, facetime, and in-store seminars with their full time training professional, Darci Aselage, GG. Darci has been in the jewelry industry since 1989, including 19 years of retail experience with a major, independent, retail store in the midwest, where she rose from a part-time sales associate to the Vice President of a 2 million dollar plus, retail jewelry operation.

Darci also worked as a business consultant with the Edge Retail Academy for 8½ yrs, where she was instrumental in helping retail jewelers with proven business strategies to forward their business with inventory management, staff management and financial management. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by jewelers on a day to day basis and provides a unique and well accepted training experience for sales associates and their interactions with the end consumer. She also gives strategies to increase traffic, bridal sales and clienteling.

The importance of professional, proven business strategies to ensure current and ongoing sales:

• Building more bridal sales - Building a bridal customer leads to unlimited potential for the retail store. From the engagement ring sale, the wedding band sale, the attendant’s gifts and the wedding day gift, push presents, etc. 

• Increasing traffic & referrals - By using the GN Diamond Story app with the customer, a life experience within your store is created. This has been proven to bring in more traffic and referrals by customers sharing with family and friends. Referrals are proven to be the biggest form of flattery.

• Using tools and science to improve bridal presentations - By using third party Light Performance Technology to prove that GN diamonds are brighter than others, the end consumer clearly understands why two diamonds with the same color, size, and clarity are truly not the same, and buying diamonds on internet sites, sight unseen, is not feasible especially when making one of the top 5 purchases they may make in their lifetime.  Additional security and savings with Gemprint is an added value.

• Clienteling - Each of the female self purchaser, the male special occasion buyer, the bridal customer and the repair customer need a different marketing message and a different clienteling technique.

• Ultimate retail experience - The end consumer is looking for a different life experience. GN says “people remember 30% of what they see, 50% of what they hear, but 100% of how they felt.” In addition to using the tools of the GN Diamond Story app, having augmented and virtual reality is a plus. Verbal and visual communication is paramount.

GN Diamond is open 7 days a week and 24/7 on www.gndiamond.com. Contact them by phone at 800-724-8810.