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Colorado’s Great Diamond Hoax of 1872


5280, Denver’s mile magazine recounts the tale of the attempted scam


In 1872, a false claim that an area in northern Colorado contained diamonds nearly brought our young nation’s economy to its knees. But a century later, Mother Nature had the last laugh.

During the summer of 1872, two prospectors, John Slack and Philip Arnold, began flaunting a sack of diamonds and other sparkling gems to wealthy investors in San Francisco. They claimed to have discovered a massive diamond strike on their secret mining claim somewhere in the Western U.S. Fearful of missing out on the next big bonanza, the city’s elite quickly pledged millions of dollars to share in the opportunity.

Except this diamond field didn’t actually exist.

Read all the details at http://www.5280.com/2017/12/colorado-nature-great-diamond-hoax/