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Sarah Johnston named US Sales Director for TI SENTO – Milano

JohnstonSarah JohnstonTI SENTO - Milano “the Goldsmiths who love silver” brand has announced Sarah Johnston as its new US Sales Director.

After becoming an independent business, a little over two years ago TI SENTO - Milano launched a sharpened brand strategy alongside a shift to globalization and digitalization. Now the company takes the next step by announcing Sarah Johnston as it’s US Sales Director.

TI SENTO - Milano has been operating the US business from its headquarters located in Amsterdam. With the addition of Sarah Johnston, TI SENTO is ready to further build the brand and expand US distribution. Johnston is a familiar face in the US jewelry industry. Prior to TI SENTO Sarah worked for well-known jewelry brands Les Georgettes, Uno de 50 and Trollbeads.

Johnston stated: “I am honored to have the opportunity to work with TI SENTO - Milano, a line with exceptional quality, design and timelessness. In a US market dominated by concepts and trends, TI SENTO - Milano delivers a brand designed to span generations and at a price point to compete.”

Commenting on the announcement, TI SENTO CEO Arjan van Zuylen, explained: “When I met Sarah Johnston, we instantly felt a perfect match. Sarah comes with a wide range of knowledge in the jewelry business. I believe business should be about trust, patience and timing. And although I wanted to appoint a sales director much sooner, I believe this is the right moment. After 2 years of focusing on a digital strategy, distribution, retail tools, brand and product design, I am honored to welcome Sarah to the TI SENTO - Milano team. The US is one of the few markets where we will work not with a distributor but through direct management. We are excited for this new direction in logistics, communication, focus, and new opportunities. We look forward to working with Sarah to execute our US strategy.”

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Johnston added: “The future of TI SENTO - Milano is rife with excitement and growth and I am thrilled to have a contributing roll.”

Van Zuylen continued: “We have a great partnership with our agents and retailers, but we are ready for the next step and to provide the support they need. The foundation we have set over the past two years will allow us to really focus on strategy and growth. The size and importance of the US market should not be underestimated. We know it requires focus, understanding and experience. With the appointment of Sarah, I am convinced that we can combine local opportunities with global goals. We will work closely with Sarah and trust that she can take us to the next level.

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“We plan to drive the consumer to our retail partners through a mix of social media activities, a network of influencers combined with strategic Google advertising and a re-designed dealer locater largely replacing our traditional media. These online investments go hand-in-hand with our plans and strategies that Sarah will bring to the market, boosting the brand image and driving sales.”

For more information contact Sarah Johnston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.tisento-milano.com.