Last updateTue, 25 Jun 2019 9pm

MJSA Expo 2019: The Show for Professional Success in Jewelry Making & Design

MJSA Expo has long been a hub for jewelry manufacturers, designers, and trade suppliers and contractors.

It’s where jewelers go to find the latest supplies they need for their shop or back room, from bench tools to 3-D printers and casting machines. And not just find them, but handle them - to feel the surface of a 3-D–printed model or a casting, to sit at a bench and put a flex-shaft through its paces, to feel the heft of a chain or clasp in the palms of their hands. As one attendee put it, “Expo is a playground.”


It’s also where jewelers go to learn from the experts. Seminar educators present need-to-know sessions on everything from current trends, such as lab-grown diamonds and the emergence of blockchain, to practical techniques for improving a business’s day-to-day operations. And Expo’s exhibitors - those trade suppliers and service providers who, combined, have a library’s worth of “how to” knowledge - are always ready to share their experience. As one attendee put it, “Expo is like a living classroom.”

Expo brings its unique mix of jewelry-related supplies, services, expertise, and community spirit back to New York City this coming spring, when it returns to the Javits Center, March 10-12. This year it will occupy a new hall directly connected to JA New York, providing attendees with a true “one-stop shopping” experience. Retailers can find the latest finished styles at JA, then shop MJSA Expo for all of their back room needs (as well as a peek at the latest jewelry designs offered by MJSA members).


This year it will feature two new events for attendees to gather, meet, and learn. On Sunday, March 10, at 2 p.m., the MJSA Council of Custom Jewelers will hold its first public forum. The Council includes some of the nation’s leading custom jewelers, and several of its members will be on hand to describe MJSA’s custom-related initiatives (including the launch of a website promoting custom design to consumers) and to answer questions about the craft. The forum will take place in the Expo Town Hall, located at the entrance to the show.

The next morning, the Town Hall will be the site of an MJSA Community Meeting, in which buyers and exhibitors can meet MJSA’s leadership, ask questions, and learn more about MJSA’s initiatives and latest benefits. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

And, of course, the MJSA seminar program will feature its patented formula for delivering solid expertise in an understandable, engaging way. This year’s lineup includes both paid and free sessions. Among the offerings:

“Responsible Supply Chain Panel,” moderated by Andrea Hill. Panelists: Mark Hanna, Richline Group; Susan Wheeler, Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference; Stewart Grice, Hoover & Strong; Brandee Dallow, Fine Girl Luxury Brand Building & Communications; and Patricia Syvrud, University of Delaware Minerals and Society.


“You’ve Lost That Handcrafted Feeling: Heart and Soul in a CAD World,” presented by Scott Bradford, who is part of the Tech Team at Rio Grande.

“Celebrating the American Jewelry Design Movement,” presented by Marlene Richey, art/business consultant and author of the award-winning Profiting by Design: A Jewelry Maker’s Guide to Business Success (MJSA Press).

“The Magic of Freehand Drawing,” presented by Rémy Rotenier, whose 32-year career includes work as a staff designer for Tiffany & Co., Alexandre Reza, and Kabana, as well as creating work for private clients and teaching (his last session at Expo attracted a standing-room-only crowd).

To learn more about the Expo Experience, visit MJSAExpo.org.