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Furry Friends

Furry friends on the job: Ned from Southern and Mid-America Jewelry News

Pets Ned

Say hello to Ned. He is the 3-year-old Australian Shepherd of Chris Smith, publisher of Southern and Mid-America Jewelry News. While Ned drops in at the office from time to time, he generally works from home. We’d love to have Ned come in every day, but we’ve already got a full time office dog here (Holly, our very first Furry Friend on the Job) and the two of them together would be more dog than our office can handle. Ned does his best work in proof reading and quality control. Looks like he’s happy with the way this issue came out.

Furry friends on the job: Kujo at Jewels and More in Youngstown, Ohio

Pets Kujo

This is Kujo. Kujo is a Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull mix that goes to work every day with his human Raj Ingle at Jewels and More in Youngstown, Ohio. Gentle and well-mannered, Kujo is adored by Raj and his customers. Some customers drop by the store in the morning to bring him breakfast, kids ask if he can visit their home, he enthusiastically greets all who enter the store. Kujo is a true blessing to Raj who says, “I feel empty and alone” when Kujo is not around. The bond is so strong that Raj has been working to create jewelry that represents the unconditional love between a human and their dog. Raj is a lucky guy and Kujo is a lucky dog.

Furry friends on the job: Beau of David Barry Jewelers

Pets Beau both

Meet Beau. He’s the little mascot at David Barry Jewelers in Boynton Beach, Florida. Beau loves coming to work with his mom, store manager Nikki, everyday. Father and son store owners, Steve and Seth Frank love having him at the store greeting customers, peeking out the window, keeping the staff extra happy and just being the sweet baby he is. Seth’s kittens Ripley and Ziggy also come to the store but are mostly in the office. Ripley comes out when she wants to snuggle with her buddy. Beau and her have become best friends!

Furry friends on the job: Elmo of Heritage Jewelers in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Pets Elmo 1

Say hello to Elmo. This precious little black and white Shih Tzu spends his days at Heritage Jewelers in Shelbyville, Tennessee. He has accompanied store owner Linda Brown at Heritage for the last ten years. Linda says, “our customers love him!” And how could they not – have you ever seen a face that exudes pure innocence as much as Elmo’s?

Furry friends on the job: Chloe of Randall’s Jewelry in Oakland Park, Florida


Pets Chloe

This adorable little pup is Chloe. Chloe has been on the job at Randall’s Jewelry in Oakland Park, Florida every day of her 8 years. The only exception is Saturdays when she likes to stay home and watch her favorite show, Animal Planet! “She is a very important part of our team in every way,” says her human, Jeannie Allsage. “The front door will open, I approach to greet the customer and I hear, ‘Is Chloe here today?’ as they look past me to give her a yummy and a scratch on her head.” Chloe is living the good life and looks fabulous in her pearls and LBD ensemble.

Furry friends on the job: Dax Shepard - International Gemological Institute (IGI)


Dax both

This big ole dog is Dax Shepard (his legal name is Vom Eichen Antrieb). Dax, who turned 4 years-old earlier this week, is the furry friend of International Gemological Institute (IGI) President/Chief Executive Officer Jerry Ehrenwald. I’d say the 100 lb black German Shepard would be quite effective in keeping unwanted visitors away from IGI’s New York offices. 

Furry friends on the job: Pookie of Belle Étoile in Emeryville, California

Pookie both

Pookie is the official CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) at Belle Étoile in Emeryville, California. The 4 year-old Chihuahua mix was an adoptee from the East Bay SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Pookie accompanies Belle Étoile Executive VP Carolyn Thamkul to work daily and has her special "office" on Carolyn’s desk. When Pookie’s not busy maintaining the cuteness standards for Belle Étoile she stays busy on social media channels. She has her own Instagram account (@pookthedog) with over 400 followers and counting!