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Furry Friends

Furry friends on the job: Moose and Bear of Norridge Jewelers

Pets Moose Bear

Say hello to Moose and Bear. These beautiful Springer Spaniels work at Norridge Jewelers in Norridge, Illinois with David Kohler and Rick Kohler. Moose and Bear run to the door to meet every visitor to the store. Despite their serious duties as guard dogs, both are tail wagging, happy dogs and very affectionate. They have a knack for putting a smile on everyone’s face and the customers just love them.

Furry friends on the job: Miss Josie Graham of J.C. Grant Company

Josie both

Ladies and Gentlemen I present Miss Josie Graham! Josie celebrated her 10th birthday last October 6th. She has been joining her mother Jean Grant on the job at J.C. Grant Company in Milledgeville, Georgia since she was just a pup. Josie’s average day includes casual strolls to the bank, snacking on gluten free treats, entertaining/loving children and lots of belly rubs. When not on the job, Josie likes to go camping with Jean. She has been named J.C. Grant Company’s favorite employee!

Furry friends on the job: Abby from Barnhardt Jewelers

Pets Abby

Introducing Abby! Abby accompanies Debbie Barnhardt Basinger to work at Barnhardt Jewelers in Spencer, North Carolina. Since she was just a pup, Abby has worked as the “therapy dog” at the store giving love and snuggles to each employee on a daily basis (pictured is Barnhardt’s sales and marketing manager Elysia getting her daily snuggle). The affectionate Poodle came from the mountains and loves to tree squirrels when not on the job.

Furry friends on the job: Bo is the store greeter/sales associate for Anderson Jewelers

Pets Bo both

This little bundle of cuteness is Bo! Bo is a 10 pound, four-year-old mixed breed rescue. He is proud to hold the position of store greeter/sales associate for Savannah, Georgia-based Anderson Jewelers. Bo knows how to close a sale and prefers stylish ties over cash as a bonus for exceeding his goals. Customers absolutely adore him and simply can’t refuse his snaggle tooth smile which he uses to seal the deal!

Furry friends on the job: Berger Bee Einstein at Metal Marketplace International

Pets Berger Bee both

Introducing Berger Bee Einstein. He is the Toy Poodle of Tony and Suzanne Acquaviva. Berger Bee occasionally accompanies Tony to work at Metal Marketplace International, but his primary job is modeling for the company. Perhaps you’ve seen him before featured in ads in this and other industry publications. But he’s not just another pretty face. Tony says Berger Bee is a very smart dog.

Furry friends on the job: Huey of Bradley Gough Diamonds

Pets Huey

This is Huey. He is a Papipoo, a hybrid between a Toy Papillon and Toy Poodle. Huey accompanies Brad Gough daily at Bradley Gough Diamonds in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Weighing in at a svelte 5.5 pounds, Huey works as the showcase guard dog. Brad says he is “the ultimate deterrent against the smash and grab.” With Huey on the job, surely Brad gets a deep discount on his insurance premium. As if that’s not enough, Huey is also a therapy dog. He was instrumental in helping Brad’s wife Stephanie beat cancer a few years ago. Way to go Huey!

Furry friends on the job: Jolie from Blackwell’s Jewelers

Pets Jolie

Say hello to Jolie. She is a Miniature Red Poodle. Jolie loves joining her humans Theresa and George Blackwell at Blackwell’s Jewelers in Marietta, Georgia. Jolie’s specialty is meeting and greeting the customers. If she’s not in the store everybody is asking, “where’s Jolie?” Jolie means pretty in French! An appropriate name for a beautiful dog representing beautiful jewelry!