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Furry Friends

Furry friends on the job: Meet Chloe of Greenway Plaza Jewelers

Pets Chloe website

Introducing Chloe! Chloe was a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina. It is estimated Katrina left over 250,000 pets to fend for themselves. Chloe was one of the lucky ones that was rescued and transported to Houston, Texas. That’s where she was adopted by Marc Foster, owner of Greenway Plaza Jewelers in Houston. Well done, Marc. Here she’s pictured after a long day of meeting and greeting customers and friends at the store.

Furry friends on the job: Meet Bisbee of Spectrum Fine Jewelry

Pets Bisbee both revised

Say hello to Bisbee. Bisbee is a mini-Australian Shepherd that has been going to work with Star Sosa, owner and award winning designer at Spectrum Fine Jewelry, since he was 8 weeks old. “He grew up under my desk,” says Star. The clients love him and he’s great with kids. Bisbee has a special bond with the store’s goldsmith, Mike. - a bond that can only be built by regularly sharing a Chick-fil-A breakfast.

Furry friends on the job: Meet Stetson Drake of Touch of Silver, Gold and Old


Say hello to Stetson Drake. Stetson rescued his owners 7 1/2 years ago. He has a customer following and furry friends who visit with him at Touch of Silver, Gold and Old in Nashville, Indiana. He is known for his friendly personality and outfits for all occasions. Touch of Silver, Gold and Old is open 7 days a week, so Stetson is one hard working hound.

Furry friends on the job: Meet O’Malley of Julez Bryant Studio

Pets O malley website

Say hello to O’Malley. O’Malley is a 1 1/2 –year-old Goldendoodle. Last year she became a permanent member of the team at Julez Bryant Studio in Carlsbad, California. She works alongside her humans, Jason and Julez at Julez Bryant as the company mascot, greeter and model. Here she is happily modeling her 18K Julez Bryant Dog Tags (also available for humans). O’Malley loves her job, especially greeting the customers, and asks only for belly scratches as compensation.

Furry friends on the job: Sapphie of Spratford Fine Jewelry

Pets Sapphie

This little bundle of cuteness is Sapphie - short for Sapphire, of course. Sapphie is a Chorkie, which is a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier mix. Chorkies, believed to be originally bred in the early 1990s, are described by PetGuide.com as, "without a doubt one of the cutest breeds of designer dogs available." I can’t argue with that. Sapphie goes to work with Robert Spratford at Spratford Fine Jewelry in Overland Park, Kansas 6 days a week.

Furry friends on the job: Meet Tanner of C. S. Byrd Jewelry Repair & Sales

Pets Tanner

This is Tanner. Tanner works at C. S. Byrd Jewelry Repair & Sales in Bridgeport, West Virginia with his human Chris Byrd. Chris says he’s always ready to greet visitors and ask, “May I help you,” in his own unique way. The 2-year-old rescue is believed to be a Boxer mix, but some customers insist that he looks like a Black Mouthed Cur - a southern hunting, cattle and utility dog. That would explain his strong work ethic. Here’s looking at you, Tanner!