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Furry Friends

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Kit, the Security Officer at Simply Unique Jewelry Designs

Pets Kit

This is Kit. Kit, an English Bulldog, is the Security Officer at Simply Unique Jewelry Designs in Yorktown, Virginia. Tim Wright, Kit’s human and the co-owner of Simply Unique (along with Alex Maryaskin), customized a child’s shirt for Kit’s uniform. Kit tends to sleep on the job most of the time, but when he’s awake he loves everyone and everyone loves him. All things considered he is a true asset to the store.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Barbie of Tara & Co. Fine Diamonds



Say hello to Barbie. Barbie is the Furry Friend of Kris Simpson, sales associate (among other things) and wife of the 3rd generation at Tara & Co. Fine Diamonds in Searcy, Arkansas. Kris adopted the Corgi/Golden Retriever mix from the Humane Society - way to go Kris! Employed at Tara & Co. for several years, Barbie loves her job as the greeter, and as you can see has a special place in her heart (& stomach) for the UPS guy!

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Bean of Design One Jewelers

Bean both

Bean the Great Dane is an integral part of the business at Design One Jewelers in Clearwater, Florida. Bean is the latest (and I’m guessing biggest - nearly 200 lbs.) Furry Friend to join owners Roz and Paul Potenza in the store. The Potenzas have been taking their dogs to work for over 20 years of the nearly 40 years they’ve been in business. They even have a Wall of Fame that shows all of their shop dogs over the years. Bean keeps a watchful eye on the counter and is the star of the store’s commercials. He’s become a local celebrity and customers drop by just to see him.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Ginger from Chicago Gold Gallery

Pets Ginger

Since birth, Ginger the Boxer has been working at Chicago Gold Gallery. Ginger hops in the car with her human Christine and they drive together to work every day. The duo look forward to buying and selling jewelry with Christine’s father and store owner Joe Guzzo. When Joe and Christine are busy appraising jewelry, Ginger is feasting on one of the many treats from her favorite customers. Ginger has never missed a day of work, and is the first to greet every customer that enters. As you can see, she enjoys wearing fine jewelry and peering out the window, looking to bring in new customers. She brings a smile to every customer’s face, and gives them a reason to get up and walk on over for a visit.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Daisy of Henley Jewelers

Daisy both

Say hello to Daisy. Daisy goes to work every day with her humans, Dianne and Norris Henley, owners of Henley Jewelers in Eldon, Missouri. Daisy is a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd that enjoys running errands to the post office, bank, etc. Eldon is a small town and Daisy is a rock star - everybody knows Daisy! At the store, she eagerly awaits customers who regularly come bearing treats. She recognizes the beeping of the FedEx scanner when they bring packages and she runs to the counter to get her dog biscuit!

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Dexter of Elite Fine Jewelers

Dexter both

Meet Dexter, the Executive Sales-woof at Elite Fine Jewelers in Tempe, Arizona. Dexter, a Pit-Bull mix who self identifies as a cat, spends his days greeting customers, taking naps, overseeing jewelry repair, and being absolutely adorable. He even has his own kitten that he brings to work with him. Dexter was rescued on the streets of Phoenix by little kids during recess. He loves cats, kids and anything that can rub his belly. He has also completed therapy dog training. Dexter’s uncle, 16 year old Snickers, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, also is a valued employee at Elite Fine Jewelers.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Molly of Lowcountry Jewelers

Pets Molly both

This adorable, affectionate Black Labrador Retriever is Molly. Molly is 10 years old and works side by side with Ken Watts at Lowcountry Jewelers in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. She tends to be Ken’s shadow, following him around all day, but loves everyone - staff, customers and vendors too as you can see by this greeting she’s giving sales representative Lee Proctor.