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Furry Friends

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Teensie from Mason Jewelers

Pets Teensie both

Meet the adorable little Teensie! Teensie is a Teacup Chihuahua who can actually fit into a teacup. She works with her human, Judy, at Mason Jewelers in Plainfield, Indiana. Teensie is the chief greeter at the store and customers come in just to visit with her and grab a cuddle. Mason Jewelers’ sales team carries her around in a pouch or stroller and she has a playpen in the office. She sometimes models diamond bracelets as necklaces. She’s quite the little princess!

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Milo of Jewelry Artisans

Pets Milo

Say hello to Milo! Here’s Milo working with his human Jamie Kresl, owner of Jewelry Artisans in Atlanta, Georgia. Milo is a black and white, nine year old Cocker Spaniel. He is in charge of the greeting committee at Jewelry Artisans. Milo is Jamie’s most loyal companion. He knows all the secrets of the trade and is an expert in melting clients’ hearts.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Lulu from Lowden Jewelers

Pets Lulu website

This precious pup is named Lulu. Lulu is a beautiful Golden Retriever that goes to work with the owner of Lowden Jewelers in Marion, Indiana. She has been going to Lowden Jewelers  since she was 2 months old. She now has over 2 years of working experience. Lulu is a real customer favorite. Her presence in the store is a great traffic builder. Customers stop in just to see if her. Some people bring her treats and Lowden Jewelers keeps some on hand for customers to give her. Customers simply can’t resist Lulu’s sweet smile and the staff just love having her around.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Camp and Sadi of Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs

Pets Camp Sadie website

When not chasing balls and geckos in their back yards, Camp the Jack Russell Terrier and Sadie the Golden Retriever enjoy fun and fur-filled times as honorary employees at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida. They serve as ideal goodwill ambassadogs, greeting guests and employees alike, stopping only for a few biscuit and “mother nature” breaks along the way. As for their home lives, Camp lives with the company’s CFO Paul Price while Sadie shares her life with VP of Franchising Eileen Proctor (and her five other shaggy siblings).

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Piglet from Replacements, Ltd.

Pets Piglet website

Say hello to Piglet, AKA Pig. Pig is a Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound mix. She works with her human Amanda Womack at pet friendly Replacements, Ltd. in Greensboro, North Carolina. Amanda, and Pig, are on the Estate Jewelry Collection by Replacements team. Pig’s favorite part about coming to work is everyone has snacks. Her name is Pig for a reason - she’s a glutton. As you can see, Pig is a fantastic model. She is loved by the customers, but Amanda admits she is a reluctant guard dog.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Tulip from Bechtel Jewelers

Pets Tulip website

This precious little pup is Tulip. Pictured here at 6 months, she is one year old now. Tulip has been going to work at Bechtel Jewelers in West Palm Beach, Florida with store owner Robert Bechtel and his GIA Graduate/office manager/salesperson wife Sara since she was 9 weeks old. Tulip’s first task at Bechtel Jewelers was learning to greet the customers with not quite so much exuberance. Here she’s modeling a JT Inman dog bone shaped tag engraved with her name and phone number - courtesy of her daddy!

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Truffles from Brown & Company Jewelers

Pets Truffles

Say hello to Truffles. Truffles is a 6-year-old Maltese weighing in at an adorable 4 pounds. She is a certified Therapy Dog who visits Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, nursing homes and assisted living facilities in North Atlanta. She loves bringing happiness to children and the elderly. And if that’s not enough, she also goes to work one day a week with her “mom” Juanitta Hodge at Brown & Company Jewelers in Roswell, Georgia. Truffles loves visiting all the different departments and employees at the 44-year-old store. Store owner Frank Brown and all the employees look forward to her visits, and shower her with lots of love and treats. Needless to say, the customers love her too!