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Furry Friends

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Ruby & Bella of Keith Nusinov Jewelers

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These two Furry Friends hold important jobs at Keith Nusinov Jewelers in Monkton, Maryland. Beautiful Ruby is a German Shepherd who has been on the job for 5 years and has been promoted to the head of security! Sweet and tiny Bella is a Chihuahua who has been the head of public relations for 10 years! Both brighten the day for store owners Keith & Andrea Nusinov, their staff and their customers.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Sundance of Edian Jewelry


This is Sundance. Sundance is a nine year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He has been working at Edian Jewelry in Hialeah, Florida since he was a small puppy. Edian’s customers ask for him when he is not in the store. “This particular day was a rough one,” says Jonathan Blatter, Sundance’s human and the owner of Edian Jewelry. Hang in there Sundance - we all have days like that.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Hoyt from Isbell Jewelry Co.

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This impressive specimen is a German Rottweiler named Hoyt. Hoyt is the 120+ pound greeter at Birmingham, Alabama-based Isbell Jewelry Co. His humans, Anthony and Suzy Isbell, got Hoyt as a puppy and took him to work that very day for socializing and potty training - and he’s been a mainstay there ever since. Popular with all the customers, Hoyt is a bit of a flirt with the ladies. Suzy says he will ‘pop up’ on the counter and slide his head across for some petting. Visitors are always disappointed when they come in and learn Hoyt is off on Fridays.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Rock and Midnight of Frederic Duclos

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Say hello to Rock and Midnight. The two German Shepherd rescues work with Karen and Frederic Duclos at Huntington Beach, CA-based award winning designer of contemporary sterling silver jewelry Frederic Duclos. On any given day, clients on the phone may hear Rock howling at a passing siren. And Karen says the “no solicitation” sign takes on new meaning with the two mighty dogs on the premises. Frederic Duclos is a better team because of these “puppies” who put a smile on the employees’ faces every day.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Chevy from Fabrie Jewelers

Pets Chevy both

In memory of Chevy. Chevy was a beautiful Chihuahua/Schnauzer mix who worked as the store mascot at Fabrie Jewelers in Corcoran, California. She happily worked with store owner Evelyn Fabrie (along with her husband) bringing lots of fun to the job - she loved playing with the customers. There was no need for a door chime at Fabrie Jewelers, Chevy greeted all the customers with a hello bark. She also provided moral support and comfort for little ones getting their ears pierced. Chevy crossed the rainbow bridge recently and is truly missed by Evelyn, the Fabrie Jewelers staff and their customers.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Kit, the Security Officer at Simply Unique Jewelry Designs

Pets Kit

This is Kit. Kit, an English Bulldog, is the Security Officer at Simply Unique Jewelry Designs in Yorktown, Virginia. Tim Wright, Kit’s human and the co-owner of Simply Unique (along with Alex Maryaskin), customized a child’s shirt for Kit’s uniform. Kit tends to sleep on the job most of the time, but when he’s awake he loves everyone and everyone loves him. All things considered he is a true asset to the store.