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Furry friends on the job: Kujo at Jewels and More in Youngstown, Ohio


Pets Kujo

This is Kujo. Kujo is a Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull mix that goes to work every day with his human Raj Ingle at Jewels and More in Youngstown, Ohio. Gentle and well-mannered, Kujo is adored by Raj and his customers. Some customers drop by the store in the morning to bring him breakfast, kids ask if he can visit their home, he enthusiastically greets all who enter the store. Kujo is a true blessing to Raj who says, “I feel empty and alone” when Kujo is not around. The bond is so strong that Raj has been working to create jewelry that represents the unconditional love between a human and their dog. Raj is a lucky guy and Kujo is a lucky dog.

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