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Furry Friends

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Buster from Meditation Rings

Say hello to Buster! Buster is the furry brand ambassador at Toronto, Canada based Meditation Rings, manufacturers of a fashion jewelry collection of trendy and therapeutic spinning rings. He joins his mom Naomi Traimer at the office every day, helping entertain and keep everyone nice and Zen! An adorable Frenchie (French Bulldog), Buster is great in photo shoots. But he doesn’t let his good looks go to his head. He is very cuddly and lovable. “So when we aren’t spinning our Meditation Rings we are definitely petting Buster,” says Naomi.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Ginger from Parkville Jewelers

Introducing Miss Ginger! Ginger is the “boss” at Parkville Jewelers in Parkville, Missouri. A half Papillon (also called Continental Toy Spaniel), she is a rescue from Texas. She works 6 days a week, mostly meeting with customers and getting attention. Visitors to Parkville Jewelers are always asking to take Ginger home because she is so friendly.  Additionally, she is a fierce protector of the store from dogs that walk by and is exceptionally good at eating cookies and taking naps.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Rudi-Grace from Jewelers of America

This little princess is Rudi-Grace. Rudi is a Bull Terrier who works with her human Regina Ciarleglio, Director of Membership for Jewelers of America. Rudi sits right by Regina’s desk when she works from home. She thinks she is the Membership Manager! We could all use a companion like Rudi these days. Pictured Rudi is sporting her Jewelers of America “Royalty” tiara. “She’s my little girl,” says Regina.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Max from Shelton’s Jewelry and Gift Gallery

Introducing Max the Yellow English Labrador! 6-year-old Max is the greeter at Shelton’s Jewelry and Gift Gallery in Heber Springs, Arkansas. He has been working alongside his human, store co-owner Kathy Shelton, since he was a puppy. Pleasant and calm, he has the perfect demeanor to work retail. When new customers come in Max waits for them to say something to him before he goes out to see them. He has learned that not all people want a doggie greeting. He especially loves babies, children and delivery people - particularly Steve the mailman. Recently an unhappy 4-year-old boy came in with his dad. Kathy sent Max out to see him and he was smiling and happy in seconds.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Jax from Jewel Gallery in El Paso, Texas

Say hello to Jax! Jax, a 6-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, works as head of security and quality control manager at Jewel Gallery in El Paso, Texas. He joins his humans, storeowners Linda and Armando Medrano, Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 2. In addition to security and quality control, Jax also meets and greets customers and “works” the lunchroom. He’s skilled at begging for snacks (his compensation) and obtaining kisses from just about anyone. “Jax is a master at conflict resolution,” says Linda. “No one can resist those adorable eyes.”

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Jewels from Sunrise, Florida-based Sterling Reputation

Introducing Jewels! Jewels is a 2-year-old Schnoodle, a cross between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Poodle. She works at Sunrise, Florida-based Sterling Reputation alongside her human Steve Berkowitz. Her primary job is helping to pull orders, but she also does a little modeling of the latest offerings from Sterling Reputation, and even assists in keeping the office clean. “Jewels is particularly adept at cleaning up all the leftover food from lunches - she makes a great vacuum cleaner,” says Steve. Jewels is charming, funny and smart and puts a smile on the faces of everyone she meets.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Shackleford from Watson & Son in San Francisco, CA

Say hello to Shackleford! Shack is a mostly Border Collie that loves to  greet and hang with the clients at Watson & Son in San Francisco, CA. Many clients drop by just to play with him. However, if something is off with a visitor, Shack will raise the alarm. “One day we accidentally let a bad person into the office,” said Shackleford’s human Mark Anthony Watson. “Mild mannered ambassador for Watson and Son, Shackleford immediately went into defense mode, puffed up, looked big and intimidating. I apologized to the person who was ‘just looking around’ (at our cameras, casing the place). In a strike of genius I said with a smile, ‘I’m sorry, he doesn’t usually bark like that - unless someone has bad credit.’ She was gone in two seconds.”