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Furry Friends

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Bruno from Cappello & Co. Jewelry

Introducing Bruno the Giant Schnauzer. Bruno works with the Cappello family - dad, Joseph and his 2-legged children Victor and Jennifer - at Cappello & Co. Jewelry in Seminole, Florida. Weighing in at 100 lbs, Bruno is 18 months old and has been working full time at Cappello & Co. since he turned one. He shares an office with the boss and is trained to stay put when clients ring the doorbell. Bruno loves other dogs and all people - especially the FedEx and UPS drivers and the mailman. He’s a gentle giant, but is not cognizant of his size. He loves to sit on any chair that’s available. He can be naughty and mischievous at times around the office, but he brightens everyone’s day!

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Stella & Rocco from Smith Jewelers

A big, cute hello from Stella (l) and Rocco! The two Boston Terrier puppies work with Terry Smith, vice president at Smith Jewelers in Franklin, Virginia. Stella is 9-months-old and Rocco is 4-months-old. Both love people and greet everyone with a happy face. Smith Jewelers’ customers stop in all the time just to see them. Stella and Rocco have quite a fan base and earn their keep by, among other tasks, giving holiday tips on the store’s Instagram.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Luger from Elite Jewelers

Meet Luger. Luger is a 3-year-old Doberman Pinscher that has been working at Elite Jewelers in Trussville, Alabama as greeter and part of the 3 Doberman security team since he was a puppy. He spends most of his day keeping a watchful eye on the showroom, coming to the back to get his humans, Ann & Mike Mitchell and Cheryl Green, when a customer is arriving. He loves people and has quite the fan club. His full name is Ch. Alcher Legend of Luger v Aquarius. He earned his Championship Certificate at 11 months and is working on his Grand Championship and other titles. His sire won best of breed at Westminster. Luger loves to show off and with a pedigree like that he’s got plenty to be proud of.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Peyton from Zillion

Say hello to Peyton! Peyton is the “granddog” of Jay Gerber, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at Zillion, providers of 1-click customer protection jewelry insurance. Jay says Peyton, a 2-year-old Aussiedoodle, is a hand full. Pey (her nickname) loves hanging with “Papa” - sitting on his lap and joining in virtual meetings is one of her favorite activities. She loves to be the center of attention and is into chasing squirrels and birds when she’s not on the job

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Beau from CSR Limited/Diamond Hybrid

“This is my top PR man, Beau,” says Steve Read of CSR Limited/Diamond Hybrid. Beau is an AKC registered Yellow Labrador Retriever.  His registered name, or “kennel name” is Beauregard Maximillian Martini Smunch, so let’s stick with Beau. When not working on his public relations duties or patrolling the grounds, you can find Beau swimming in the pool. No one to play with? Not a problem, he throws his ball in the pool himself and then retrieves it. Beau loves playing with toys, especially his stuffed “baby” Pluto.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Roxie from The Plumb Club

Introducing Roxie! Roxie is a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who works with her human Michael O’Connor, Marketing Director for The Plumb Club. Michael says Roxie is an excellent travel/work companion, logging over 300,000 miles in her 4 years. When not on the road (or in the air), Roxie helps out in The Plumb Club offices as the watchdog, making sure nobody comes in unannounced. Roxie can usually be found ensconced on one of the office chairs or in her frequently used “traveling house”, which Michael uses to transport her.

Furry Friends on the Job: Meet Mavis from Barnes Jewelry

Say hello to Mavis! Mavis is a 2 year old Lab mix who began going to Barnes Jewelry in Amarillo, Texas with her human Bill Archinal (COO/General Manager) while they were closed due to COVID-19. Upon their recent reopening, Bill was a little concerned how she might behave if he left her at home by herself, so he took her to work. Talk about silver linings - she’s been a huge hit with both staff and customers. Kids coming in love playing fetch with her. She has two soft, store friendly toys, so there’s no damage when tossed across the store. Mavis has only barked twice - once at a customer with a very full white beard and the mountain of a man who is their UPS guy. They have since become friends. Mostly she lays around waiting for the door counter to ring so she can greet the next person coming in. “Bringing Mavis to the store with me may be the best thing I’ve ever done in the way of solidifying job security,” says Bill.