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Retailer Roundtable: Do female self-purchasers account for a significant portion of your business and if so what do you do to attract them?

“We do have a large number of female self-purchasers, probably 70 percent of the number of sales, and 50 percent of the dollar numbers. We call what we do ‘girlfriend marketing.’ We have a sales staff made up primarily of women, of the 25 sales associates two are men. As a girlfriend, we can shop alongside of them [women] and encourage them to be good to themselves – ‘no one deserves it more.’

Box Brokers Group offers retailers the full package with laid-back, California service

Box JimBox Brokers owner Jim Porterfield like to paddle board before work (his “Zen time”) to mentally prepare him for the day ahead.Zen time. Box Brokers Group’s owner Jim Porterfield calls it the most important part of his day.

“In years past, reading fiction novels was my escape,” Jim says. “More recently, paddle boarding before work amongst the sea lions, dolphins and occasional shark mentally prepares me for the day ahead. So much so that we have dedicated our old VP’s office as our future company Zen Room, for employees to break away from the daily stresses, alone, when needed.

Hawthorne Jewelry makes 140 look good

Hawthorne extHawthorne Jewelry’s new façade to commemorate 140 years in business this year.Not many jewelry store owners can claim their store opened the same year Thomas Edison was granted a patent for the gramophone (phonograph). That’s a boast Erika Godfrey, president and owner of Hawthorne Jewelry, can make as she and her staff celebrate 140 years in business this year.

Unique Settings New York: Serving up custom styles, ‘Just in Time’

Unique NitinNitin Dhariwal, Chief Operating Officer of KGK International USA and President of Unique Settings New York.Unique Settings New York was founded because “manufacturers lacked the customer service and understanding of creating customized product in a short time,” says Nitin Dhariwal, Chief Operating Officer of KGK International USA and President of Unique Settings New York.