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Presentation Box + Display aims to ‘make the jeweler’s life easy’

With its venerable parent company and a steady and loyal staff, Presentation Box + Display brings a wealth of expertise and value to its target customer: the retail jeweler.

PresBox 1Only What You Need (O.W.Y.N.) hand-wrapped displays, and stock branded boxes printed and made in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Presentation Box + Display is a division of International Packaging Corporation (Interpak), a third-generation family-owned packaging manufacturing company based in Rhode Island. Founded in 1957, Interpak has evolved from being a custom manufacturer of jewelry boxes to producing a wide array of products, both domestically and globally.

Presentation Box + Display specifically focuses on retail jewelers by providing packaging and display solutions that best fit their needs. “Our mission is to make the jeweler’s life easy, which is accomplished by the six decades of experience in the industry brought forth by our team,” says Erin Kilmartin, Creative Director/Marketing. “Our staff understands the needs of jewelers and helps them to bring their brand to the world at a fair price with no fuss. Just tell us what you need; we’ll handle the rest.”

Presentation Box + Display’s office and factory are located in Pawtucket, RI, where the company manufactures American-made, tariff-free packaging. “We
additionally imprint all of our branded packaging and manufacture all hand-wrapped displays in-house,” Erin says.

An on-site showroom, open to visitors by appointment, provides a first-hand look at Presentation Box + Display’s products. In addition to the showroom, the company offers a comprehensive online catalog (www.presbox.com/catalogs/box-catalog). Presentation Box + Display is equipped to handle all orders remotely, fulfilling retailers’ packaging needs regardless of where they’re located.

PresBox 2O.W.Y.N. displays and PresDirect custom boxes for customers.

“To ensure the high-quality levels that customers expect, we also have a quality control and inspection facility in Shenzhen, China, where we review all imported product before it is shipped, ensuring that retailers won’t have the headache of incorrect product when dealing with an overseas vendor,” Erin says.

Presentation Box + Display employs a staff of over 200, many of whom are second and third generation. “The culture of our team is an asset that we are very proud of,” says Sales Team Manager Belinda Duva. “We truly function as an extended family, which allows for exceptional communication and quality of work.

“Each of our employees brings enhanced industry knowledge, attributing to our high caliber of service. We practice what we call the ‘Sundown Rule,’ which means that we guarantee an answer to all inquiries by the end of the business day, ensuring that retailers are never left in the dark throughout the packaging process. We are here to help our customers every step of the way.”

PresBox 3Presentation Box + Display new Slim Ring Box hides discretely in a pocket.Along with its domestic and import packaging options, Presentation Box + Display offers hand-wrapped displays made in the USA. “We stay on top of the newest technology in the packaging industry and are constantly investing in our equipment and our employees to provide retailers with the best packaging experience out there,” Belinda says. “With that, we are constantly updating our product offerings to meet the needs of our customers - most recently introducing the slim-ring box.

“Our focus on innovation has had measured results on improving the quality of our service, resulting in a dramatic decrease in lead time. What used to take three weeks to accomplish can now be turned around in a matter of days.”

In addition to its products, Presentation Box + Display has developed special programs that help bolster its customers’ success. “Many jewelry retailers don’t realize just how inefficient their packaging process is, resulting in wasted inventory, time, space and money,” Erin says. “We offer a number of programs that make it easy for our customers to access packaging in an assortment of styles and colors, printed and shipped quickly, without having to meet hefty minimum orders.”

• The FlexShip blanket order program allows the customer to take advantage of bulk pricing and on-site storage. “Many jewelry retail stores don’t have the space to store a year’s worth of boxes but deserve to take advantage of better pricing,” Erin says. “Our FlexShip program allows us to work with the customer to determine the number of boxes needed in a calendar year, which we then print and store in our warehouse until they’re ready for a shipment.” Bulk pricing is locked in all year, but retailers pay for boxes as only as they receive them. Monthly e-mails keep retailers updated on how much inventory remains in the warehouse.

• For existing customers, the company’s Quick-Ship program is designed to ensure a steady supply of boxes. “We keep the retailers’ print dies on-site,
allowing us to expedite orders and ensure that they get stock boxes when they need them,” Erin says. “This allows us to accommodate packaging despite a rush of sales. We’ll print an assortment of 72 stock boxes in up to three different styles and ship within two business days.”

• Presentation Box + Display’s Only What You Need (O.W.Y.N.) program helps retailers keep their displays fresh. “With the lowest minimums in the industry, lead times as short as three weeks - compared with the standard 10-14 weeks - and a wide variety of colors and materials, O.W.Y.N. removes the hassle from ordering displays,” Belinda says. “Our high-quality displays are hand-crafted by our talented team right here in Rhode Island.”

• For those retailers looking for something unique for their packaging, the company’s custom-made capabilities, called PresDirect, allows the company to create a custom packaging suite for the retailer’s brand. “Our relationships with Asian manufacturers guarantee retailers will receive high-quality product while we deal with all the logistics of a customer order - removing the headache associated with dealing with overseas vendors,” Erin says.

Erin and Belinda both say retailers feel they can trust their company to deliver the products they need. “We understand that packaging is the retailer’s last interaction with a customer, and we want to help make that relationship last with quality packaging that’s available when it’s needed. We pride ourselves on transparency, which is why we never surprise our packaging customers with hidden fees for imprinting, print dies or setup,” Belinda says.

PresBox 4Interpak team at the 2018 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Providence, RI.

Along with high-quality products, superb customer service and value-added services, Erin says Presentation Box + Display is very proud of its community outreach. “Sustaining one of the Interpak core values, ‘Giving back to our community,’ we are proud to support the United Way of Rhode Island, Making Strides RI, Pawtucket Soup Kitchen and many other local causes throughout the year,” she says. “In the last year, we have raised and donated almost $100,000 to these great causes, giving back to the community as much as we can.”

For more information about Presentation Box + Display, you can call 800-556-7390, visit the website www.presbox.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..