Retailer Roundtable: In light of the recent alert issued by the Jewelers Security Alliance regarding the uptick in burglaries and the ongoing nationwide burglary threat, what steps are you taking to make your store more secure?

“With the power cutting trend being so big, the first thing we did was install a new padlock that cannot be cut through on the panel outside of the store. If it was somehow compromised and power cut, we do have a backup battery that lasts 24 hours. We are set up on call and text alert from our security provider.

RR EricCheck into this and see if its something your security company does automatically, or if it might be something you have to set up on your own. The power cutting burglaries are definitely a trend and you need to take every power failure serious. Call the police as soon as you get the call that you lost power and never show up to the store alone. With all the power cutting going on, you can’t forget about everything else we have learned in the past. When I arrive at the store each day, I always check my surroundings and look for unusual cars or anything that seems to be out of the ordinary. When I leave the store it’s the same thing. I am always looking for cars leaving the parking lot at the same time as me, and making sure I’m not followed home. The list goes on and on but the best thing you can do is stay vigilant at all times. Sign up for newsletters, e-mails and read every article in the magazines you get about preventing a robbery. You never know when that one tip you read will help prevent a robbery or even save your life.”

Eric Rosenblatt, Vice President
Marshall’s Jewelers
Bardstown, Kentucky


RR Shawn“This is an issue we have taken very seriously as we have had our power cut twice in the last month. Thankfully, we responded quickly each time and were able to avoid anything further than the loss of power. Since then we have re-evaluated all of our security protocols. We added additional backup batteries to our alarm, our camera system, and our router. We have locked all of our breaker boxes with specialty locks that cannot be cut off, and perhaps most importantly, we reached out to our local law enforcement who sent a specialist out to consult with us on additional ways to secure our premises. He had some simple suggestions that we will be implementing such as pressure pads on the roof linked to our alarm system to alert us if an intruder attempts to gain access through our roof. He also suggested installing a blue and red strobe light at our entrance that would be visible from the road that activates if it loses power. This would signal passing law enforcement that there was an immediate issue at the building. Perhaps the biggest change I’ve personally made, however, is that I now find myself waking up in the middle of the night just to check the cameras on my phone. I absolutely love this business, but it does make it tough to get a good nights sleep sometimes.”

Shawn Przeclawski, Vice President
Monarch Jewelry & Art
Winter Park, Florida


RR Lynn“In an effort to combat the uptick in crime - I pray!! Sounds like a joke, but it is true.  I do ask for God’s favor over what already truly belongs to him. However, I am practical thinking as well. I have quite recently replaced my DVR equipment with an updated model that will support higher resolution cameras. To follow I then added additional cameras to the system. I now have exterior and interior coverage of my building, and I can monitor both from home or from my cell phone 24/7. That is a real plus when you do have a late night call on your alarm. Our building has a large glass front, so for added security we have roll down gates that help me sleep better at night. Our alarm company runs routine tests throughout the day to make sure that the monitoring is uninterrupted. I have spoken with the local PD about the recent rash of break-ins that are connected to the power outage and also notified my alarm company. Sharing information within our industry is truly appreciated and extremely helpful. I am always open to any other insights to improve my security. Criminals work hard at what they do and we must too! And I will just keep thanking God for the rest. Stay safe my fellow jewelers.”

Lynn Bryan Young, Owner
Bryan Jewelry
Prattville, Alabama


RR Katie“Security is my #1 stressor! Security is the one issue I think about all the time. Maybe because I am a woman, or maybe because of my imagination, I don’t know. We have a dedicated security system with motion sensors. They are so sensitive that randomly for several months, I would receive the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. Then we’d look at the video footage, and there would be no explanation. This happened no less than 8 times. We eventually moved the sensor over a few feet, and haven’t had any trouble since. The night vision imagery did show a previous design painted underneath the safe I. Since our safe is 130 years old, that was both an enjoyable and creepy moment! We also have cameras positioned around the store at varying heights and optimal view points, and are getting ready to replace our current system with a high definition system, since the video imagery is so much clearer. The biggest security system I have, which I am honing, is my instincts. I am a people person and enjoy being around them, talking and laughing, so perhaps that helps me spot the bad eggs when they show up. I have had several experiences in my store which required me to call the police or confront customers, but the previous owner told me in the very beginning, ‘If someone comes in threatening you and your employees for jewelry, let them take what they want. Let them have it. Jewelry is replaceable. You and your people aren’t.’ One other thing I think helps us during the day – our Staunton Police department is just a block away. They are wonderful and we have a good relationship with the officers. They walk past our shops on the way to the court buildings, so they are very visible.”

Katie Campbell Spurlock, Owner
H.L. Lang Jewelers
Staunton, Virginia