Last updateTue, 12 Nov 2019 10pm

Retailer Roundtable: “How do you handle customer notifications and security when you close your store for vacation?”

RR Tina“I close Blue House of Jewelry for Christmas Day and the two days following. We also close a day here and there for other holidays. I notify the public of our closings using our Google page, Facebook and Instagram. I also post a door sign with information on the days that we will be closed at least a week before. We post another sign during our closing apologizing for the inconvenience and asking customers to shop with us as soon as we are back. If we have custom orders or repairs that have not yet been picked up, we contact those clients via text or phone call letting them know of the day or days that we will be closed so that they will not waste a trip.  We secure our shop by putting all fine jewelry in a safe when the shop is closed. We use a multi camera system with alarm and remote video access. We leave select lights on inside the shop and the plaza parking lot is well lit.”

Tina Yancey, owner
Blue House of Jewelry
Tyler, Texas


RR Tony“We close for a week every summer for the Vegas show, it’s our vacation. About 3 weeks before, we put counter signs around the store explaining when we will be closed and we remind customers of this whenever we communicate with them about repairs, etc. We also post a notice on our Facebook page and our answering machine. We have, in the past, placed ads in the local paper but decided that it didn’t really help that much and stopped. What we do  seems to work well as we are in a small town and word gets around pretty quickly. We don’t do anything special about security other than making sure that the alarm system and cameras are working properly and we cram as much as possible in the safe. We have a trusted family member with keys and alarm codes to be available if there are any problems while we are gone.”

Tony Sharp, owner
Sharps Jewelers
Griffin, Georgia


RR Kathleen“The short answer is, I never close my store for vacation, I always have coverage, or I do not go (so far, so good). However, when I am away, whether it be vacation, a jewelry show, summit or meeting, I never let the masses know. Why advertise your absence? This only serves to red flag your business to those who do not have good intentions. Another point to consider is the fact that when an owner is gone (my name on the building, I am the jeweler) people do not come in, and then you potentially miss out on some good business, that your employees, if properly trained, can handle while you are away. If I had to close the store, whether it be vacay or sickness, the first thing I would do is alert the police department that I was not going to be around so they could possibly do some drive bys and be aware. Also call the alarm company. Make sure everything is out of cases and in the certified safe. Call the insurance company to up my coverage for that week. Leave some dim lights on so one could look in to see if anyone is in store. Phew!! Too much work and lost revenue to vacation and close the store. Get employees who can handle running the store without you, so you can relax and enjoy your time away! In my mind, worth it! That is why we are self-annoyed, not self-employed!”

Kathleen McNichols-Marks, owner
Marks of Design, LLC
Shelton, Connecticut


RR Terry Rick“We close the same time every year - 4th of July week and 2 days after Christmas. Our store is in a small town, but we do service middle Tennessee and across the US. We always try and notify the best we can.  One of the reasons we close that week is typically it is the slowest time of the year. This is a good time for everyone to rest and get away for a bit. All year long we are creating or making new pieces, but when we get back I start making sure we are gearing up for the holidays. Customer Close Notification: We have 3 different types of customers - retail customers (walk in store), online customers and trade account customers. Retail customers: 3 weeks advance notice - we use Facebook and Instagram to communicate we will be closed for 4th of July week, update our Google page and phone system. Any repairs that have not been picked up we call them. We start communicating to customers in the store we will be closed that week, we also post signs. We schedule all repairs appropriately to make sure they are done or schedule after we come back. Online customers: update our Facebook, Instagram and Etsy accounts. Wholesale accounts: I start informing them 2 months in advance for awareness to keep in the back of their minds. We have had these accounts for a while so they are aware we close. Security: Alarm system of course. Most of the time we travel we have a retired jeweler who can go to the store in case we have an issue with alarm system. Hopefully, it is nothing. We live in a small town and the police are about a block away. We provide them with notification that we will be closed and we have someone who will be notified if our alarm goes off.”

Terry & Rick Tillis, owners
Tillis Jewelry
Lewisburg, Tennessee