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LaserStar forges ahead with ever-growing technology for retail jewelers

Laser testFiberCube in testing.LaserStar Technologies, a worldwide manufacturer of laser equipment for a variety of clients including retail and manufacturing jewelers, has enjoyed a productive year of technological progress.

With facilities in Riverside, R.I., Orlando, Fla., and Arcadia Calif., LaserStar has the nation covered. The company has upgraded its state-of-the-art application labs in all three locations, offering comprehensive laser solutions for material processing for laser marking and engraving, laser welding, laser cutting and more.

LaserStar recently introduced its 3901 Series FiberStar Compact Laser Cutting System, allowing for a compact footprint, low operating costs and rapid return on investment. Company specialists provide turnkey solutions by evaluating a client’s needs, specifying the correct technology, and defining a complete laser system configuration.

“The FiberStar’s fully integrated laser source provides excellent beam quality while producing many years of reliable performance,” the company says. “FiberStar’s 3901 Compact Cutting Systems produce high-quality, dimensionally accurate laser cuts on a wide variety of materials,” including gold, silver, platinum and titanium for jewelers.

FiberStar 3901 CNC Cutting Systems, available in 150- and 300-watt models, come with 3-Axis (X/Y and optional Rotary) CNC system controller, an integrated computer with a Windows operating system, and ready-to-use LaserStar MotionFX software.

Laser titaniumLaser engraved titanium rings.

LaserStar also has unveiled its FiberCube®XL Laser Engraving System, “a full size, turnkey marking, engraving and cutting system that offers the speed, reliability and flexibility required to meet large batch production applications, stringent quality control and process certification standards.” Suitable for almost any material, it includes an extra large workspace for engraving larger parts.

The full line of FiberCube Engraving Systems, used for many purposes including jewelry laser engraving and cutting, provide “controllable pulse rates that can be adjusted from continuous wave to single pulse for laser marking, deep laser engraving and cutting, or fast throughput thermal mark applications at up to 200 characters per second.”

Laser groundbreakingGroundbreaking at the Orlando facility expansion. The state-of-the-art facility will be completed later this year.

The Path to LaserStar’s Success

LaserStar’s President and Chief Operating Officer James Gervais and his father, Donald, bought the company in 1988, when it was a small tool and die business in Rhode Island. By 2000, the company was primarily producing laser welding systems and now employs close to 100 people. “Fundamentally, this company is a classic American success story where we are designing and engineering products that are made in America,” James said. “We started very small many years ago and have grown through the ingenuity and creativeness of our employees - and we continue to expand into different markets including medical device, fire arms, novelty and giftware, etc.”

Laser monoInterlocking monogram laser cut out.High-wattage laser welding systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in Providence while laser cutting, marking and deep engraving systems are designed, manufactured and engineered in Orlando. LaserStar’s new 3,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art Applications and Training facility in Arcadia, Calif., is scheduled to open on May 29, 2018.

The company’s growth doesn’t stop there. Last December, the company announced plans to double the size of its Orlando production facility. Expected to be completed in late fall of 2018, the new state-of-art facility will enable LaserStar to produce up to 1,000 laser systems per year in Florida. Some 200 visitors visit the Florida facility alone every year for training and demonstrations, says James.

Retailers interested in LaserStar’s offerings have ample opportunity to check out the company at trade shows, the next being JCK Las Vegas June 1-4. LaserStar will be in Booth No. B-63079, showing its full product line of laser equipment for jewelry repair, design and fabrication, including its best-selling laser welder in the jewelry market, the iWeld Product Line, the new FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems with proprietary STAR-FX software for deep laser engraving, and the FiberStar line of laser cutting systems.

Looking ahead, LaserStar will be at The Atlanta Jewelry Show Aug. 4-6 in Booth No. 328 with the latest in laser technology including its iWeld Laser Welding System, which revolutionized jewelry welding years ago with its lower price and compact design. Quick and accurate, it’s well suited to jewelers doing custom or repair work because it doesn’t damage metal surfaces or heat-sensitive stones.

Laser all

For more information about LaserStar Technologies, call 401-438-1500 or visit www.laserstar.net or www.laserstar.tv.