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RingMaster ushering in its 50th year with a return to Winston-Salem’s historic Reynolda Village

Jeweler Michael Scott of Winston-Salem, N.C., is no stranger to renovation. After a few moves and getting the new place just right, he’s doing it again - winding his way back to the lovely environs he left seven years ago. Upscale and historic Reynolda Village, at the gates of Wake Forest University’s campus, is ideal for a jewelry store like RingMaster, which is celebrating its 50th year.

RM ext StratfordRingMaster will be leaving this Stratford Road location and moving back to Reynolda Village at the end of October.

Retailer Roundtable: What products and price points will your store be promoting the most for the 2019 Holiday Season?

“I’m happy to share what I think will be our best sellers for the upcoming holiday season. Here in Louisiana, three stone rings, mined and lab grown diamonds have picked up considerably. Diamond earrings, both natural and lab are selling well. Tennis bracelets in lab grown are more affordable in larger sizes, so they are selling, and lab grown center stones have far overshadowed natural.

Six ways to make your bridal business more profitable - Overnight

Overnight’s smart solutions to today’s market challenges

This year 2.2 million couples will tie the knot, buying 1.9 million engagement rings. Both men and women are marrying later and they know exactly what they want in bridal rings: uniqueness, an environmentally and ethically friendly product, and quality at a reasonable price. Consumers want to add their own twist to the rest of the jewelry in your cases too.

Crescent Jewelry Co. - looking back at 177 years in business

Crescent BobbyCrescent Jewelry Company owner Robert “Bobby” Heiser in front of the store’s original safe.Robert “Bobby” Heiser, owner of Crescent Jewelry Company, is the consummate small town jeweler. Based in Hannibal, MO, building relationships is vital to his business in a town of just under 20,000. He earns his business creating, fostering and nurturing these relationships one satisfied customer at a time.