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Mia Katrin

A Hidden Gem: The untold story of Panjshir emeralds

Mia stone e35.5 carat natural Panjshir emerald on a bed of lapis.“Let us carve gems out of our stony heart and let them light our path to love,”  - Rumi, 13th century Afghan mystic and poet

Nestled in a remote region high in the Hindu Kush area of the Himalayas is an unspoiled treasure - fabulous world-class emeralds in vast quantities - an estimated tens of billions of dollars’ worth according to one source - with a largely untold story.

Sheahan Stephen Sapphires comes full circle

Mia minersGiving back, moving forward

“I’m grateful for the opportunity the US has offered,” Sheahan Stephen shared with me in a recent fascinating interview. Born in Sri Lanka, the “Sapphire Capital of the World,” Sheahan, at age six, migrated with his family to the US, fleeing his native conflict-torn homeland, seeking the opportunity to live a peaceful, productive life. Settling in Portland, Oregon he pursued engineering, working in the field for five years.

Meet Barbara Palumbo - Industry storyteller

Mia Barbara Sept“I’ve been lucky enough to have flown an airplane with daredevil pilot and Red Bull Air Race champion Mike Goulian, to have golfed with 2018 Masters’ champion Patrick Reed, and to have driven in an all-female vintage car race from Paris to Spain and back up to Biarritz on the coast of France. There are days I wake up and pinch myself, truly. I’ve worked in just about every genre of our industry in the last 23 years, but I’m finally doing what I always wanted to do: tell the industry’s stories. I’m living my dream and getting paid for it.”

The multifaceted Susan Eisen

Mia lectureSusan delivering a lecture to University of Texas metal arts students about jewelry designing.

Successful entrepreneur, jewelry designer for the stars, Master Gemologist Appraiser® ASA, author of multiple books, Vice President of the Texas Jewelers Association - Susan Eisen wears many hats, Texas style.

The Markle Sparkle

Mia gownGivenchy gown with Cartier diamond bangle and earrings.

Regal. Modern. Classic. As Meghan Markle strode confidently down the aisle on May 19 in St. George’s Chapel to meet her Prince Harry and become Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex she was making a statement with repercussions heard around the world.

Lika Behar - Flourishing thru family and tradition

Mia bangle e“My father was a jeweler and gold coin dealer in Istanbul where I was born and raised,” Lika shared in a recent fascinating interview. “When I was 12 I used to wander the teeming, colorful Grand Bazaar where his shop was. I knew it like the back of my hand! It was a maze of an ancient 16th century mall.

The Magic of Crevoshay

Mia PaulaPaula Crevoshay is a modern day magician. Like a wizard of ancient lore flourishing her wand, she transforms the natural world of magnificent flowers and creatures into their celestial counterparts fabricated of sparkling gems and precious metals. The “Queen of Color” paints with light, the full spectrum of light embodied in rare gems of every hue of the rainbow. From exotic toucans to golden-tail sapphire hummingbirds and delicate orchids, her magnificent objets d’art appear in museums world-wide, from the Smithsonian to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh and the Musée de Minéralogie in Paris. Over four decades she has garnered an elite echelon of avid international collectors, from private clients to top-tier institutions including GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and Yale Peabody Museum.