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Mia Katrin

A tweak away from success

Are you living your dream? Think back when you were a child. What inspired you? How did you see your life unfolding? What was your dream? Are you living that dream now?

We all have secret dreams - our innermost hopes and ambitions. We often have an instinctive feeling - what we’re good at, what we love to do. We may have an artistic gift, love to work with our hands, have a knack at business or be great at relating to people. Do you love to create beautiful designs? Want to make your mark in the world?  Cherish passing a legacy to your children and grandchildren?  Our dream is the recurring thread throughout our life.

Diamond Stars - The power of beauty

Astronomers recently discovered a cosmic diamond, the compressed heart of a former sun 50 light years from Earth in the constellation Centaurus. Named “Lucy,” the diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats is a crystallized white dwarf made mostly of carbon. Astronomers expect our Sun will also become a white dwarf when it dies five billion years from now. Some two billion years after that the Sun’s ember core may crystallize leaving a giant diamond in the centre of our own solar system.

Breathe - Life in balance

Do you work to live or live to work? As a small business owner your work can become your life. Especially in this economic environment you may find you’re working around the clock just to keep ahead. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day that your business becomes your life. But even for the sake of success, maintaining balance is key. Have a life. Keep things in perspective. Breathe.

Mad Men Magic

Style, intrigue, debauchery, panache. The hit TV series “Mad Men” has sparked nostalgia for a litany of tantalizing viewing pleasures. Flawed but fascinating characters - Don Draper, Betty, Joan - captivate because they navigate their intertwined lives with such finesse. Polished perfection in dress, speech and etiquette masks dysfunctional lives of deceit and jealousy, self-doubt and arrogance. Draper, the advertising firm’s golden boy, harbors a core deception regarding his own personal identity. But while concealing his dark secret, he loves his children and seeks to give them the ideal family life he was denied as a child. Neither purely good nor evil, the central characters wrestle relationships and careers in a glamorous 1960s lifestyle of cocktails, Park Avenue apartments, galas and jet-set vacations.

Selling the Sizzle

“You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.” Fashion is the sizzle. Fashion creates excitement and drama. It lures and entices. It creates the desire.

SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show sizzles on the runway

It was all glitz and glamour at the SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show. The live fashion show Jewelry on the Catwalk opened the show with eight spectacular models previewing many of the top designers from the show. Eager attendees were tantalized with an overview of the many treasures awaiting them just before entering the exhibition area. The fabulous models brought the latest, best selling collections to life. With necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings styled in ensembles, buyers envisioned how the collections could be presented from a fashion perspective.

Do you know your customers?

They’re the life-blood of your business. Fulfilling their wishes, inspiring repeat sales, expanding your client base - the more you do this, the more successful you’ll be. But how well do you know your customers?