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Mia Katrin

Call to Retailers… Let’s take back the market!

MiaInside Scoop! I recently spoke with Chi Galatea Huynh, founder of the highly successful company Galatea Jewelry by Artist (featured in 1400 stores nationally) about an exciting program he’s launching. Chi’s motivation is to help make his retailers more profitable - “As a wholesaler you can only be as successful as your retailers.” Seeing retailers lose market share to online giants because they don’t have the motivation, time and technical expertise to develop a major online presence, he thought, why not develop a simple platform that retailers can opt into that will give them an instant powerful presence? By combining forces retailers and wholesalers will gain the clout to compete and capture sales in the arena that’s quickly becoming dominant in the jewelry industry.

Rev It Up! Trends and Colors 2016

Spring’s in the air! And with it, Mother’s Day, weddings, graduations. Before you know it the fall season will be here. Get in the groove with the latest styles, colors and gems to tantalize your clients. Set some new dreams in motion! Some top trends we’ve been seeing that are sure to stir the imagination and rev up your sales:

Sarah Graham - Forging Nature

A true artist reconstructs reality. She offers a unique vision, a way of seeing the world so original that it spawns a new creation, projecting a new reality. Sarah Graham is such an artist. Her pioneering aesthetic of edgy, blackened cobalt chrome metals juxtaposed with high karat gold and diamonds opened a fresh take on designer jewelry. Conflating the traditional categories of art jewelry, fine jewelry and high fashion, her raw yet refined look struck a chord, making designer jewelry fresh and exciting. Often imitated but never duplicated, she’s a true trendsetter.

What’s in a story? Designer inside scoop 2016

Mia Huizenga

What’s new for 2016? We recently connected with three leading designers, sharing their take on upcoming trends and their own emerging creative directions.

Trend alert - watch for the story! The romance of the designer’s tale makes jewelry come alive. Clients crave this rich personal touch. They’re eager to share the magic of the designer’s creative process, to delve into their unique artistry. Millennials especially seek a meaningful personal experience. Jewelry’s not just mass-produced objects. It’s art. It’s an interactive process uniting designer and client.

Gems, Gems, Gems! Color is Hot for 2016

Stunning color! Look for it this year. This strong trend continues to flourish. We’ve asked cutting-edge designers what trends they’re seeing and they’ve spoken!

Frank Reubel, known for his clean, modern designs favored by the contemporary woman, weighs in. “2016 is all about color - vibrant colors. Clients are looking beyond the normal gemstones and into unique, rare, hard-to-find styles that really make a stand-out statement. We design one-of-a-kind pieces with stones that accent today’s modern woman.”

Supercharge Your Life

Strolling through the woods on a clear, crisp fall day, you’re surrounded by golden, crimson foliage. Shards of dappled light stream down from above. Vibrant, alive, your spirit soars. You’re inspired.

Supercharged moments offer glimpses of heightened awareness. Colors are more vivid. Our senses are super receptive, flooded in bliss. Suddenly we wake up, a new life breathed into us.

A Day in the Life - A Jewelry Blogger’s Perspective

Mia panel NovI recently had the opportunity to interview Katerina Perez, Editor-in-chief of katerinaperez.com, with 50,000 followers and expanding rapidly. Her cutting-edge fine jewelry-focused website reveals the importance of the emerging trend of the blogosphere where her deep passion and exuberance for all things gems and jewelry shines through. Based in London she travels the world seeking the ultimate in world-class high-end jewelry. In Part II of our article she shares her experiences of a top end jewelry blogger’s life.