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It’s a Family Affair: Tresor Collection opening new retail location

Mia Puja SachinPuja Bordia with her husband Sachin.I recently caught up with good friend and acclaimed designer Puja Bordia, whose Tresor Collection (tresorcollection.com) is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

MIA: Congratulations on celebrating your 10th anniversary, a real milestone! You’re about to open your first retail location in Miami. And now your whole family is involved in the business - your husband Sachin is focusing on selling beautiful loose colored gems and I even spotted your son helping out recently at your JCK Vegas booth! What motivated you to take the plunge and open a new retail location?

PUJA: It’s always been my dream to open a retail store. After 10 years of success selling wholesale as well as online, we have a big following. I can see us opening four or more stores in the US and internationally in the next 5-7 years. It’s a calculated risk, especially when you see other retailers closing their doors! But the time is right. We have our fingers crossed for the upcoming opening during this holiday season. There are still many permits to obtain and thousands of details from décor to staff to finalize. But everything’s moving forward according to plan.

MIA: It’s all very exciting! Tell us about the vision for your store. Where will it be located?

PUJA: We have a prime location in Coral Gables, an upscale area of Miami near Merrick Park. Our 1500 square foot location is in a new residential and commercial building including a high-end mix of restaurants, salons and a gym. We’re working with our interior designer to create a theme that’s very inviting, not intimidating - open and airy, with copper and gold colors mixed with whites and soft pinks. Our cases will be front opening, so staff will be on the same side of the case as the customers.

MIA: You’ve had great success selling online retail as well as wholesale to retailers. Selling colored gemstone designer jewelry can be more challenging than selling diamond jewelry, as diamonds are more of a commodity, more standardized. People know more what to expect when buying diamond jewelry, especially compared with buying from a designer they haven’t had previous experience with. How do you bridge that gap?

PUJA:  You have to have lots of good pictures. Each piece must be viewed from multiple angles, and shown on models with different skin types. Especially with colored gems, you must provide lots of details so people know what they’re getting. A ruby can range from $5 a carat to $500,000 a carat. You have to provide all the details and specifications. We have a comprehensive website and are very active on social media. We do lots of ads and marketing including mailings, catalogs and brochures.

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MIA: What Collections will you be offering in the new store? How have your Collections evolved over the years?

PUJA:  We’ll be offering beautiful original designer jewelry - earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, colored gemstones in 18 karat gold. Our style has evolved over the years, but has remained basically the same. We’ve learned a lot! We want to appeal to a full range of customers, from young high school graduates to women self-purchasers with a sweet spot of under $1000 retail. We have 500 pieces under $1000 MSRP and 150 pieces under $500. We do have some exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces in the $50,000 range.

MIA: What are some of your best sellers?

PUJA: Stackables have been best sellers for the last 5-6 years. We do very well with necklaces in different lengths that can be layered, from 18 inch delicate chains with lightweight gems to longer necklaces with heavier gems and thicker chains. I particularly love rainbow moonstones with their play of color - they go with everything! Bypass hoop earrings are a customer favorite.

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MIA: You have a remarkable family history of gemstones and jewelry dating back 19 generations in Jaipur, India, a world-renowned gemstone capital. How are you incorporating this treasure trove of experience in your ground-breaking retail enterprise?

PUJA: We want our new store to be like a museum, featuring beautiful finished jewelry as well as displays of loose gemstones, telling the story behind each piece - from the mine to your hand. We are uniquely positioned to offer customization of pieces for our customers drawing from our vast reserve of world-class gemstones.

MIA: Congratulations and all best wishes on what’s sure to be an outstanding success. We can’t wait to hear all the latest updates!

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