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The inside scoop on Nina Nguyen’s new Mekong Collection


Mia bangle julyWe recently connected again with Nina Nguyen who’s launched a beautiful new line including selections in pure 18 karat gold with gems. Nina’s background in fashion and finance and her international connections make her perfectly poised to flourish as a successful designer.

Nina has always had her finger on the pulse of latest fashion trends.  She shares with us: “I launched a small collection of 18 karat gold last year and it was very well received. I had worked with gold previously and feel the timing is right to get back to designing with gold again. The jewelry trend for summer 2017 will be toward smaller sizes and stackable options. As the active wear industry increases their market share, the consumer is looking for something that they can wear with active wear apparel. While resort palettes are always trending during the summer months, the colors will be more vibrant.”

Nina draws the inspiration for her new collection from her years of fashion forecasting. “After 10 years of designing and watching styles change, the Mekong collection is the result of my hands-on experience and ability to identify trends. I considered every aspect of the design - from shape to color to texture and finish. The Mekong Collection achieves the bold yet feminine appeal that my designs are known for. Born from the inspiration of the famous Mekong River, a richly bio-diverse river system that flows through five countries from the Tibetan Plateau to the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, this collection elevates otherwise simple jewelry accessories to wearable art.”

Bright gemstones and metals set the stage for the new line which continues the successful use of crosshatch patterns and hand-hammered techniques introduced in 2016. Hand-polished satin finishes and classic cuts of gems including lapis, chrysoprase, multi-colored sapphires, rutilated black quartz, moonstone and diamonds couple with east-west set marquise gemstones, making their debut. The hand-forged bangles create a solid look worn individually or stacked together to make a powerful statement.

Mia Moyen July Mia sterling bangle July

A socially conscious entrepreneur and an advocate for fair labor practice, Nina, a lover of nature and caregiver to the earth, takes great pride in knowing her jewelry is produced using sustainable and earth conscious materials. She strives for organic gemstones, hand-crafted recycled metals and time-honored jewelry-making processes.

Each piece is designed by Nina in her Colorado studio and expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nina Nguyen’s own women’s co-op, the Nina Nguyen Studio. Located in Vietnam, the studio offers a comfortable environment and first rate benefits for their jewelers. The women employees are given professional training both for their work and in life skills. Empowered by these opportunities they are making better lives for themselves and their families.

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