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Mia Katrin

Treasures of Mumbai

Recently touching down in Mumbai after a whirlwind 15 hour nonstop flight (and a 9½ hours time-zone difference!), I was excited to be whisked away to the five star Marriott Renaissance Lake Powai for a three day “Gems and Jewellery Buyer Seller Meet” hosted by the Indian Government thru their GJEPC, Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

Go Green! How green is your business?

A 2017 study found that 88% of Millennial consumers are more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues while 76% will refuse to purchase a company’s product or service upon learning it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs. By tapping into this important trend of ethical sourcing, retailers can connect with their clients’ growing awareness. Jewelers who demonstrate their social conscience help win their client’s confidence. 

Houston Jewelry’s Rex Solomon - Thriving through the social network

After attending his first year at the University of Houston Law School, Rex Solomon realized he missed his small former tightly knit social network of New England’s Williston Northampton School and Brandeis University, as well as the larger lively network of his extended family business, Houston Jewelry, just a few miles away. “Law school wasn’t fun. The store was more fun and interesting. After classes I would go to the family store….” So 30 years ago he joined his family business and never looked back.

MiaRex’s Regalia. Rex and Mia try out life-size replicas of the Crown Jewels on display at Houston Jewelry.

Flavors of India

Sights and sounds of Jaipur, the colorful Pink City

If you’ve never been to India, you’re missing out on a treasure-trove of colorful experiences! During my recent trip to Jaipur, attending an Expo hosted by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), I connected with our current gem factories and developed new supplier relationships. While immersed in the colors and culture of the “Pink City” I enjoyed a rich and fascinating wealth of experiences.

Have you considered platinum?

Mia necklacePlatinum diamond and pearl Art Deco 30 inch sautoir. Belle and Bird.It’s elemental. Like gold and silver, platinum is a pure natural element found on the periodic table. Dense, ductile and malleable, it’s considered one of the noble elements because of its non-reactive nature. It doesn’t corrode. It doesn’t tarnish. Its enduring nature makes it perfect for jewelry. Over time, platinum pieces develop a patina, a soft sheen born of fine scratches from wear. Although desirable, the patina may be removed by a simple soft polishing restoring the original smooth surface.

Tucson AGTA GemFair wrap up! The inside scoop

At ground zero for colored gemstones, the show of shows, AGTA GemFair Tucson fulfilled expectations and beyond! We had a great show with a steady flow of customers, old and new, friends and well-wishers. We gave a sneak peak of our new Aria Emerald Collection and are launching several exciting new ventures based on contacts made at the show.