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Mia Katrin

Have you considered platinum?

Mia necklacePlatinum diamond and pearl Art Deco 30 inch sautoir. Belle and Bird.It’s elemental. Like gold and silver, platinum is a pure natural element found on the periodic table. Dense, ductile and malleable, it’s considered one of the noble elements because of its non-reactive nature. It doesn’t corrode. It doesn’t tarnish. Its enduring nature makes it perfect for jewelry. Over time, platinum pieces develop a patina, a soft sheen born of fine scratches from wear. Although desirable, the patina may be removed by a simple soft polishing restoring the original smooth surface.

Tucson AGTA GemFair wrap up! The inside scoop

At ground zero for colored gemstones, the show of shows, AGTA GemFair Tucson fulfilled expectations and beyond! We had a great show with a steady flow of customers, old and new, friends and well-wishers. We gave a sneak peak of our new Aria Emerald Collection and are launching several exciting new ventures based on contacts made at the show.

Meet Tobi Smith - The heart of JA New York

Everybody loves Tobi! If you’ve ever exhibited at the JA New York Show, you quickly find Tobi’s your new best friend. Last Word Communication’s Michelle Orman, who also represents JA New York, raves: “She’s perpetually showing up on ‘set up’ day with the trunk of her car filled with treats for her clients from Ikea or Home Goods, checking in with exhibitors with advice and support for last minute needs. The depth and breadth of her relationship within our industry is incredible!”

The hidden riches of Panjshir, the “Valley of the Five Lions”

Mia crystalMammoth 2.2 pound Panjshir emerald crystal.“Let us fall in love again and scatter gold dust all over the world. The glance of Love is crystal clear and we are blessed by its light.”
Rumi, 13th century Afghan mystic and poet

According to lore, the Valley of the Five Lions, or Panjshir, at the foothills of the Himalayas in northern Afghanistan, was named for five local 11th century “lions,” heroes who created a dam on the local river forming a reservoir for the Sultan.

A Hidden Gem: The untold story of Panjshir emeralds

Mia stone e35.5 carat natural Panjshir emerald on a bed of lapis.“Let us carve gems out of our stony heart and let them light our path to love,”  - Rumi, 13th century Afghan mystic and poet

Nestled in a remote region high in the Hindu Kush area of the Himalayas is an unspoiled treasure - fabulous world-class emeralds in vast quantities - an estimated tens of billions of dollars’ worth according to one source - with a largely untold story.