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Konrad Darling

I’m all filled up!

Konrad bubblesOver twenty-five years ago, a new treatment of gemstones was uncovered in the market that would impact the industry indefinitely. This process became known as glass filling.

I’ll take two!

Konrad agateIn a world of similarities, people are always trying to stand out. From the clothes we wear, the cars we buy, to the daily digital gadgets we use, achieving originality while being trendy is difficult.

Can you take a picture?

Konrad DinoIt’s just before closing, a customer comes in search of that perfect item. You chat briefly about what they want, realize it’s going to be a custom piece, and you have to bring in the stone. Then they ask, “is there any way to see pictures before I buy it?” Your heart sinks, knowing how difficult it is capturing the beauty of a gemstone in a single picture, but the sale depends on it! We have apps that can literally drop food off at our front door but we still can’t figure out how to easily and quickly take quality gemstone photos. What if there were tools available that make taking pictures painless? Here are some easy options to make the stress of taking pictures disappear.

Word play

Konrad crystalPopularity in the world can be fleeting. One moment you’re on top, the next, forgotten. In rare cases, mystique drives popularity. Such is the case with padparadscha sapphire. Possessing a nebulous history and rarified color and beauty, the padparadscha sapphire remains an elusive “white buffalo” in the world of color gemstones.

America’s war on rubies and jade

Konrad rubyOn Sept. 14, 2016, President Obama and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Foreign Minister and State Counsellor of Myanmar, held talks on American soil as two democratically elected leaders, a far cry from the days of the military junta that ruled Burma (Myanmar) with an iron fist. During this meeting they discussed a real proposal of lifting the trade embargo on Burmese rubies and jade. While nothing is official (Editor’s note: On October 7, President Obama did officially sign an Executive Order lifting the ban on all gemstones and jade from Myanmar), AGTA CEO Doug Hucker is quoted in National Jeweler saying, “For Obama to make that announcement and for it not to happen would be shocking.” Once lifted, this would be the final victory of the long and strenuous relationship with Myanmar and the military powers that hijacked the country.

GMO gemstones

Konrad OctIn today’s world, products being grown in a lab can come with negative connotations. We think of genetically modified foods, for-profit farms creating seeds and now even diamonds. As consumers, this goes against our idea of nature’s production. This wasn’t developed in nature, therefore, I don’t want it. The idea that nature’s beauty could be created like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster isn’t palatable. However, the desires of consumers is always evolving and due to the variety of growth methods and brands, lab-created stones represent an adequate means for their requests. 

How to sell color - part 2

Previously, I discussed the importance of education and trust for selling color. In this article, these concepts will remain crucial, while also discussing trends to follow and the best places to draw inspiration for your store.