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I’ll take two!


Konrad agateIn a world of similarities, people are always trying to stand out. From the clothes we wear, the cars we buy, to the daily digital gadgets we use, achieving originality while being trendy is difficult.

The same dilemma occurs in jewelry. Consumers see something online or in a popular magazine and think, “I’ve got to have that!” The desire to be chic, however, can directly conflict the desire to be different.

One of the most common ways to find comfort in individuality - while also being stylish - is custom made jewelry. But custom can be an expensive and intensive process. Choosing a gemstone and designing a piece can be as strenuous as buying a new car. 

Fortunately, from personal experience, there are new stones creeping onto the market exploding with popularity and creative ways to be used in custom jewelry. They can make custom fun and engaging, while maintaining a straightforward setting project. These stones, which include rough cut gems, colored gemstone crystals, rutilated and dendritic quartz, and free form shape agate, offer a customer incredible uniqueness and a one-of-a-kind feel.

We’ve seen granite and azurite from K2 in the Himalayas, Maw Sit Sit from Myanmar, and varieties of beautiful landscape agate and jasper. Popularity for these will continue to expand because no two stones are the same. Displaying striking colors or incredible geometric patterns, when customers walk out the door, they are ensured to be the only person to have that piece.

Jewelers will also approve of these stones because setting is less stressful due to them generally being cabochon or free form. Using anything from wire wrapping, sterling silver, to more high end looks using gold, all of these styles work. None take away from the stone and only enhance the personality of piece.

Konrad maw sit sit Konrad quartz

While these stones are rare and different, they are actually affordable and allow you to have nice profit margins. You can focus more on the custom aspect of the piece, rather than putting all the money into the stones. Let the stone do all the talking. Be creative around a unique stone and enhance the customer’s desire to be different.

As color gemstones continue to rise in popularity, offering a variety of options to expand interest is important. Presenting uniquely different pieces will engage customers throughout the process and capture their moment of individuality.

Konrad Darling is the sales and marketing director for Darling Imports, a color gemstone wholesaler offering genuine and synthetics as well as lapidary services and stone identification. For more information contact Darling Imports at 800-282-8436 or www.darlingimports.com.