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Konrad Darling

What’s up with rubies?

Darling ruby website1.06 carat ruby. Courtesy Darling Imports.I’m back everyone! It’s been a while, but I can tell you, writer’s block is a real thing. Mix in a vacation (it was fantastic, thanks for asking) and launching a new website (shameless plug, check it out at darlingimports.com, it’s awesome), and you have a needed hiatus. But I’ve returned to talk about rubies. It seems to be the most requested gemstone, but it’s also the most difficult finding the right stone. Which makes me think, what’s up with rubies?

Color Gemstone World Cup 2018

Every four years, the world stops and tunes in to the World Cup, a thirty-two team tournament to crown a world champion. It’s so important that many countries get national holidays to watch their teams play.

The new side of lab-created

Konrad sapphireLab-created blue sapphire. Courtesy Darling Imports.Fake. Knock-off. Cheap. Just a few words previously associated with lab-created gemstones. Low quality genuine stones used before them were seen as so undesirable.

A sit-down with a Graduate Gemologist

Konrad 1Kristin Freeman’s set-up of equipment in her lab. Displaying (l-r) the polariscope, refractometer and microscope.When describing the jewelry industry to a lay person, we tend to think more art and fashion, focusing primarily on the incredible jewelry we see in different stores and fashion lines. We forget the foundation of this industry is science. Minerals, alloys, metals and all the different materials we come in contact with on a daily basis are the heart and soul.

The Color Report

Konrad rhodo eThe Tucson Show has come and gone. All the sparkly jewels picked through like packages on Christmas Day. But now, the fun begins. Jewelers get to exhibit the new stock, trends, what will be fun and exciting for the upcoming year. Here are some of the items that should do well on the internet and retail stores alike this year.

Trends of the Internet

Konrad multi

In this edition of internet sensations, I’m going to delve into the origins of trends that start online. Many of these trends blossom from excess material or reinvigorated styles from yesteryear.