What is the temperature setting in your store?

When I ask jewelry store owners the temperature setting in their store they often tell me the thermostat setting in degrees. But what I am actually asking is the Customer Service Temperature Setting (CSTS) in their store.

The CSTS is not about the actual temperature, but rather determines how comfortable and at ease a customer feels when they walk into your store, or how a past client feels your company values them. The warmer the CSTS, the better the customer service. And the higher the returning customer rate!

The warmth factor of your store is predetermined each day before the front door is unlocked. And the desired temperature is achieved through behind-the-scenes activities along with focused attention to all of your customers as soon as they enter your store.

I absolutely admire enhanced customer service and I frequent restaurants and retail stores that incorporate exquisite customer service into their business environment. In fact, I am passionate about quality customer service.

In all of my training seminars, I teach owners that they must have extraordinary customer service in place. Your number one goal should be treating customers so well that they look forward to returning to your store. It’s all about the CSTS.

But how do you turn up the thermostat on the CSTS?

It’s easy - let’s start by bringing back past clients into your store with gusto!

When addressing your stores Customer Service Temperature Setting, there are three deep-reaching questions to ask of your business. The questions must not be taken lightly. Sit down with paper and pen to answer these growth-building inquiries when you have time to examine your business without distraction.

Question One:  What is your past customer’s biggest apprehension of coming back into your jewelry store and working with you?

Honestly answering this question will place you far ahead of the crowd. Genuinely ask what could be keeping past clients from coming back regularly?

Focus on how the customer is treated from the moment they walk through your door until they leave. Actually go through their visit step-by-step – including each person they encounter.

This is a tough question to answer, but once you know what your customers are reacting to, then you know what needs to be done.

Question Two:  If the apprehension of returning to your store were removed how would that affect their impression of your store?

This question encourages addressing the obstacles from the first question – and revealing how much better your store will become once you’ve taken action.

Seeing the bigger customer service picture will illuminate the path to returning customers and increased sales while increasing your CSTS value tremendously!

Question Three:  Why have your past customers been buying from you throughout the years?

Think back to the original opening of your store – or when you first started working at your store. Remember how excited you were and how each customer that walked through the door was special? That same approach will increase your CSTS tremendously. I want you to regain that feeling again.

Chances are you have been bringing customers back throughout the years – what exactly have you been doing? I encourage owners and managers to focus on the great behaviors that have worked and increase the frequency of those behaviors starting today.

Was it contacting your customers with handwritten notes? Calling your customers once a quarter? Keeping notes regarding their purchases and preferences? You can improve the Customer Service warmth in your store immediately by putting you customers in the spotlight.

The Customer Service Temperature Setting always determines how well your store is remembered. And by honestly answering the above questions your CSTS will dramatically increase along with your number of returning customers!

Ivan Levi is celebrating his 26th year in the jewelry industry.  He is president of Ivan Alan jewels® and Ivan Alan Solutions™.  His dynamic sales training seminars are attended throughout the country at trade shows and in-store meetings.  To contact Ivan for seminar information, call 800-235-1918.